Who Are You in Essence?

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


You are Self, a human being, a manifestation of the Highest creative Energy that split in order to experience life, play with its own creation, feel in the widest possible range, and expand its perfection. We have all emerged from a place of pure positive energy. Your soul and spirit live eternally, just like the eternal God that created it. You could also call this higher strength the Highest Intelligence or the Universe. One way or another, the human soul wasn’t born from only a woman's body. I prefer to use the term God since it has the highest vibration of all the languages of the world.

The spirit and the soul are our Self that lives eternally. It cannot be hurt, burnt, drowned, killed, consumed by disease, or destroyed in any way. You live eternally, as God who is eternal created It, so you can stop fearing that you are going to die and reject that immobilizing fear once and for all. If someone or something tried to hurt you, your soul and your spirit would never die or get hurt.

It may be that a question now arises in your head: how come I am not going to die? I saw the deceased so many times when I went to funerals. I also saw a person that I loved deeply dying next to me and although they tried hard to rescue him at the hospital, they didn’t succeed. That’s right - they didn’t succeed in rescuing the body but I am talking about the soul. You cannot evaluate healing by taking into account physicality only. It proceeds on many levels and the true healing must follow on the level of the heart. During a so-called death, a soul threw away only its body like old worn clothes since it didn’t need it any more. Free of its burden, it went on. The direction depends only on the soul - how it lived and what it believed in while it was in the body.

You will ask why the dying man doesn't need the body. Surely he could still be alive and do so many things in life. This is a view on life from a very limited perspective. Expanding your view, you would see that the soul in this very body couldn’t go further. The death of the body is always giving up on the type of life one is leading until now, when the soul recognizes that it is stuck in the dead end and doesn’t see the way out. It doesn’t mean that there was no way out of a particular situation, it means only that the soul didn’t see it. It is as if the soul told itself, "Oh, no, I messed up everything, I chose wrong in this, I did wrong in that. Everything went the wrong way so far, I don’t have the chance to grow within this body any more, and only stagnation awaits me. This will lead to the fall, and I sure don’t want that so I am leaving the body and passing away." A man often doesn’t realize it, but the soul knows perfectly well that it can do nothing with its life. For what can the soul do within the body worn by old age, disease, or addictions of different kinds? It doesn’t have any opportunities to act and it can't cause anything to happen in the body in spite of all efforts. It is the same when the soul feels totally helpless, when it had gone too far in making a great number of wrong choices, and feels like their captive and doesn’t see the way out. Whatever the reason for leaving the body by the soul is, it was its own decision.

You must know, dear reader, that the physical body doesn’t have intelligence on its own nor the power to remain alive. It is the soul that governs the right functioning of the physical body’s cells and the substance bonding them into one whole. From this perspective, holding tightly to the physical body which is breaking apart is a complete absurdity. Unfortunately, it happens to a great number of beings. I'll provide more on this subject in a later part of the book. 

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