Change of Beliefs

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

Do you remember how I compared a person's soul to the clearest diamond? In each person you could find such a precious jewel. Imagine that you are such a diamond. It has thousands of facets, but many of them are covered with dust, dirt or mud. Where is this dirt from? It consists of your beliefs and the warped image you have of yourself that was created in this incarnation, and perhaps also in previous ones. The task for the physical person and the soul is to clean up each facet of its perfect surface to allow the light which is inside you to shine through. 

Some people work persistently on themselves and cleaned up many dirty facets. These people are doing well and shine bright. Others also try, but only manage to clean up a few facets. Perhaps along the way they resigned themselves from cleaning or had doubts. They constantly stumble upon various difficult situations, because they barely shine, and it's hard to go through life blindly. Others don't shine at all, because they never started the process of changing their beliefs. For them life never falls into place and they fall under the weight of life. It doesn't matter how thick the layer of dirt is and from how many incarnations it came. Everyone, including the person who behaves in the most horrible way, has in their heart this precious, perfect, diamond. When a person who is considered bad gets around to cleaning his interior his diamond will shine again with the same white light as it initially did. And what can be said about his previous bad deeds? Those were only experiences, through which to learn what it is like, not to be love. 

All souls are powerful, strong and much more complicated than most people could imagine. The basic function of a soul is to cultivate truth about itself, in other words reminding itself, Who It Is in Essence, and not get stuck in imaginary perceptions, that is, false beliefs about itself. For a soul to be able to read out a given truth, it must have the will to cleanse itself. As you know, dear reader, everything in the universe functions on the basis of vibrations. By cleaning itself from mistaken beliefs, vibrations constantly grow and you start to shine more and more. Therefore, each soul should build into its existence a program of climbing to the level of truth's vibrations, for the purpose of reminding itself Who We Are In Essence. It is true that you are already perfect, exactly the way you are right now, and not that you will become perfect one day when you attain certain requirements. You bring to yourself what you believe in, and what you believe in, you project on the outside. By believing in God, the Truth, the Light and Angels, you attract consciousness of the existence of God (because you live in God), the Truth, the Light and Angels. 

When you continuously remind yourself, Who You Are in Essence, you would become a part of the universal flow of energy where light, protection and healing come to you on its own and flow through you. On the other hand, confusion, corrupted knowledge, negligence towards your own life and the direction that leads to, bring on sadness, and sadness with time causes suffering. A soul through careless or corrupted knowledge separates from the truth about its existence and would suffer more and more. And when even one soul suffers, we all suffer, because we are all one. 

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