Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

As you have probably noticed, dear reader, human character doesn't change at all when the physical body dies. It has the same thoughts, feelings, and desires it had before. A man is the same man as he was in every respect with one difference – he doesn't have the physical body anymore. That is why among the dead there is the same variety of intelligence as among the living.

Nevertheless, it often happens that people who died don't realize that they are free from the necessity of earning a living, eating, or sleeping. They don't recognize that after the death of a physical body it is not a new and unusual beginning, that this is the continuation of the same method of existence but in basically different surroundings. This is the most important fact we should be aware of. Unfortunately, only a few are able to see it. Usually it takes a lot of time for a man to slowly, gradually notice the conditions of a new life. He starts to notice things about himself, such as not being as tired anymore or not feeling pain.

His happiness or misery depends on the way he experiences the loss of the physical body. If he desires it he will probably suffer. The suffering will be deeper if he has addictions or desires. These will reveal themselves in the astral body as a vibration or force field. While we are still in the physical body, the biggest part of this force field is busy moving heavy physical particles. When we don't have it anymore, the whole force of this vibration moves only the astral body only and then every desire expresses itself in the astral life much stronger than in the physical. In other words, we feel it with multiplied intensity.

If a man doesn't learn to control his desires and addictions while he is physically living, he will suffer deeply after his death because he won't have a chance to satisfy them for a long time. If you want to see what you will have to go through, try to stop your addiction immediately and forever. You will get a poor substitute for a desire that will strike you. I say a poor substitute because you have still have your physical body and the intensity of the desire doesn't reach you with the intensity you will feel when you have only an astral body. Now imagine the future when you completely lack the possibility of satisfying your addiction. Shouldn't you start working on it now?

It doesn't matter if it's alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, work, or anything else you cannot live without satisfying. Yet you are in a worse situation when your addiction is stronger than reason, common sense, decency, or family bonds, then think what will happen to you later. While entering the astral world you will experience your desires one hundred times stronger and you won't be able to satisfy it. This condition will boil over into true hell. Many people stay there. We cannot say, however, that this condition is a punishment for wrong deeds. They just harvest the effects of their actions, thoughts, and emotions that grew to be strong addictions from normal habits. So we deal with the consequences of our behavior only. You probably agree with me on the matter, dear reader.

And though one day of great suffering seems to last forever, this great desire not fed by a new energy will weaken very slowly until it disappears completely. How long is it going to last? Time doesn't exist in the astral world. Everything is measured by the intensity of one's feelings. so the feeling of an unsatisfied craving will last very long. It may seem to the soul that it lasts for ages. Meanwhile we begin to understand that the false concepts of hell and of eternal condemnation emerged from the image of a man tortured by his own unfulfilled desires.

It may seem that the suffering described arises in extreme cases of addictions only. Nothing could be more wrong. Unfulfilled desires coming from different bonds to the physical world become a real torture for many. This category includes total engagement in business, spending too much time on social activities, habitual TV watching and shopping, games, sports, computer games, internet, everything one does to "kill time." For such a man the astral world would be a place where he doesn't know what to do with himself, full of unspeakable emptiness and boredom. There is no time here nor activities that make it to pass quicker which the physical man chases and desires greatly. There is no gossiping, judgement, or small talk like there is in the physical world. 

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

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