Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 


  1. Introduction
  2. Soul's Descent on Earth
  3. Black Sheep of the Family
  4. Choosing Our Own Parents
  5. Entering the World
  6. What Is Life on Earth
  7. You on Earth
  8. The Goal of Life
  9. Broadening Your Perspective
  10. The Projector
  11. Your Beliefs
  12. Self-Image
  13. Change of Beliefs
  14. Beliefs and Your Body
  15. Dealing with Death
  16. How Children Perceive Death
  17. Contemplating Death
  18. Mourning
  19. The Death and What Happens Afterwards
  20. Alive and Alive
  21. Transformation Called Death
  22. Before You Die
  23. „Death”
  24. The Moment of Death
  25. The Dangers of the Physical Body Dying
  26. A Stay in the Astral World
  27. The Results of Rearrangement
  28. Looking Behind the Death Curtain
  29. The Permeation of Both Worlds
  30. Character
  31. What Does the Astral World Look Like
  32. The Inhabitants of the Astral World
  33. Ghost's Help
  34. The Astral Death
  35. The Séances
  36. My Adventure with Exorcisms
  37. The Exorcisms
  38. The Mental World
  39. The Mental World Division
  40. Living in the Causal World
  41. Returning to Earth
  42. The Idea of Reincarnation
  43. The School Called Life
  44. Our Lessons
  45. Our Tests
  46. The Purpose of a Man's Life
  47. Reincarnation – Further Consideration
  48. Renewed Birth
  49. The Question of Separation
  50. The Etheric Double
  51. A New Life
  52. The Factors Determining Man's Future Birth
  53. Why We Do Not Remember Our Past Incarnations?
  54. The End of the Second Volume
  55. Help

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