My Adventure with Exorcisms

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

(...) Let's take a different example of a reporter on a very popular Polish TV show bashing me and an editor of a popular Polish newspaper which thoughtlessly perpetrated several crimes. They assembled falsities about me only to step out and win a prize at a festival. The person handing them a prize declared they got it for an entire list of things they faked in a film. It is worth mentioning the premeditation the reporter committed his crime knowingly by all means. The fact that he, from the very beginning, wanted to incriminate me without regard for the obviousness of facts in my favor and claimed until the last moment that he is reporting information about me is the smallest of his crimes. I talked to him repeatedly, describing the exorcism in details for hours. To my surprise, he understood many things correctly though he used it against me and people in need by saying "claw your way." He wouldn't reach his goal if he made a report about an unknown person. He made his point in the special edition of his program attracted over four millions of spectators, twice as many as usual. It didn't upset me, though. It only strengthened me.

I wish to thank the hundreds of people who, after the emission of this disgraceful program, called me, left messages on my answering machine, wrote emails and letters trying to console me, and defended my honor before the court. Thank you for being with me in those harsh moments.
Maybe you wonder, dear reader, what the cause of such attacks is. I think this letter from a Polish priest living in Britain will help you understand. He doesn't perform exorcisms himself but he knows what they mean to people:

"Mrs. Pratnicka, 
I am glad that you touched on the subject of exorcisms and not by virtue of me participating but because it is an extremely burning issue. It has more antagonists than followers because most people think it is nonsense in the midst of progress in the twenty-first century, to believe in ghosts. Believing in their existence is important but not as much as acknowledging the fact that ghosts (bodiless beings) influence human life so much. There is a big group of people, each alone in their suffering,, that others either will not or cannot help. Although, when we look at the facts we suddenly see with horror that this is the truth. It is not a phenomenon, however, that a normal man or even a priest would like to believe in. It invokes fear, irritates with irrationality, and seems completely crazy for many. It is easier to mock this phenomenon and call it a superstition or misconception. It is but burying one's head in the sand hoping (usually in vain) that it will never concern us or our loved ones.
God bless you,
Rev. John from London"

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