The Goal of Life

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

Have you ever wondered, dear reader, what is the true goal of your existence here on Earth? Sometimes people ask me to help them discover why they came to this world. It is then that I see how much misunderstanding and mistaken beliefs there are about this. They want me to help them discover the special mission they came to Earth to accomplish. In reality, the answer is very simple and moreover the same for everyone. The goal of your existence is to take care of matters related to your behavior and emotions with regards to people, places, things and situations. We came here, to start something, finish other things, clean up, eliminate and harmonize. We incorporate into life "something" that is connected to people, places and matters from the past, present and future. All of this is connected to your understanding of God. 

Before I write more about this, I would like to remind you, that as souls you came here to learn, to experience, what it is like to BE, for example, stupid, jealous, naive, heroic, a victim, a coward, a strong person, a big head, lazy-boned etc. In other words, you came to know various qualities, understand all the positives and negatives and experience the results of each your own. 

One soul incarnated as a human may experience only one quality and then recognizing how tough is to live and not be love, return immediately to God. Other souls experience many of these qualities at the same time. Often they fall under the weight of all these qualities but, they still don't resign from further experiences (like Jack's mother who wanted to be noble at all costs). 

However many people there are in this world (or, however many souls there are in human bodies in this world), that is how many people are experiencing different qualities in various configurations. We get so lost in our own experiences that we forget, Who We Are in Essence, we forget about our divine roots. 

Therefore, our primary goal on Earth is to remind ourselves, Who We Are in Essence and not to identify with what we seem to be. We are not the experiences that we came here for, nor are we the thoughts, emotions, deeds or even the body we inhabit while we are here. Who are we then? We are our self, the divine spark, God's particle which lives deep inside each of us. That is exactly what we have to discover inside of us, on our own. Nobody, even the brightest priest, therapist, doctor, parent, friend or guru can do this for us. They won't achieve this for us. 

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