You on Earth

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 


Since you decided to learn through experiencing, you need to use a body as a tool. This body feels both pain and pleasure. A physical body is material therefore you can only own it on the Earth's material plane. It's built from the same elements as the Earth and has these very elements, in exactly the same proportion as the Earth. We are dependent on the Earth and the Earth is dependent on us. We need each other, however many of us forget that. By destroying the Earth, we are destroying ourselves. 

We don't have a chance to learn where we came from as we do on Earth. Pain, which we appointed as a teacher, doesn't exist there. Obviously, in the Heavens as well as on Earth we can learn without experiencing pain, but for most people that is difficult. Pain is one of the best teachers, because it is only when something hurts us or we lose something we depended on, that we start working on ourselves. But, if we had paid attention earlier to potential solutions to a problem we would not suffer. There are also people who do not do anything with their lives and tell themselves and others that suffering is ennobling. The approach we choose depends on us. We have free will and we can do anything we decide. People who run away from challenges should be told that sooner or later their suffering will reach a very high level and they won't be able to suffer anymore or continue living as they had up to that point. They would happily decide to embrace changes then. 

Nobody can force you to do anything against your will. Is it worth it though to resist until the worst is almost upon you? Isn't it better to learn in a more pleasant way? 

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