Children of This Age

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

Each newborn child is good and perfect. They are all good because they all come from God. Each one is born of light and universal love. There are no evil children. The way they are conceived doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the way they were brought up. If a child is properly guided, it will grow fast, seeing only perfection around.

Everybody can guide a child, but the mother that has got the greatest power in modeling her child to become the most wonderful and perfect being. She can start doing this from the moment it is conceived. This is the way it was once done.

When focus was on a Perfect Being, a child was shaped into a perfect being. It was guided and protected by the Perfect God's Intelligence, the Powerful Presence I Am. This is the Great Natural Law. Every mother understood this wonderful Truth and followed It. Presently, this Wisdom is recognized by few mothers and even less use it practically.

Since all mothers used to do it in the past, a wonderful, majestic race had the chance to be born. If mothers did the same presently, they would get the same results. It is never too late for change. You can even see grown-up children as perfect beings. Many contemporary mothers discovered that when they raised their grown-up children from the depths of drug addiction, alcoholism, and many other disorders. 

When children were born in the past, the elders of the community cared for them in addition to the parents. With great care, as if it was their greatest treasure, they made sure that the child didn't break contact with God, its Source, and remembered always Who It Was in Essence.

In those times, people knew that each child had the gift of spiritual clairvoyance and ensured that they recognized reality the same way that they perceived the material world. They made sure that the child remembered perfectly Who It Is, why it came to the world, and what is task was.

All souls remembered their divine background. They knew Who They Were in Essence and guarded any newborn child against forgetting it, too. Bringing up a child meant then keeping and maintaining the wonderful light of its soul as much as possible. They guarded the children's minds so that they emanated a true Divine love.

Children brought up this way never felt the temptation to turn from God, their Father, nor forget Him. Presently, it is the other way round. Bringing up a child means killing what it came to the world with and forcing it to model the behavior of adults. Why? Because grown-ups, in their ignorance, think that by living longer in this world they know better than the child. Is this true, though? 

You should not blame your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents, though. They were brought up the same way you were. You finally have the power to break this enchanted circle of life in delusion and this needs great courage and determination. You can do it only when you know Who You Are in Essence. You can attract a perfect child that will also be ready to live in Perfection by living in this way.

It was much simpler in the past when the people around you experienced what they were talking about. They were perfect, exceptional, knew Who They Were in Essence, and they followed it every moment of their lives. The all-present good example worked just like a bad example works today.

You came to the world and you instantly knew that you were a part of the family of light and that the key to success was Love. From the first moment of your life you were reminded of Who You Were in Essence. They talked about how exceptional and perfect you are so often that you were unable to forget it.

A child brought up this way didn't need to be constantly reminded that it was loved, expected, and absolutely safe since it could see and feel it with all its senses. Each child, without exception, knew that it could realize the Divine Plan it came to the world to realize.

This is why you did only what was most pleasant for you and what made you feel good and satisfied. You led your life so that you absolutely accepted yourself and that it was in accordance with your Inner Being, because you were Who You Were in Essence.

You did everything with childish joy and simplicity. You lived and worked according to indications of your Higher Self that manifested outside by being guided by Intuition. Intuition, however, didn't appear to you in the form of a pale, subtle flash like it does now. It was a clear and easy-to-read signpost.

Only what you wanted to experience mattered and not what other people thought you should. Nobody pressured you, either.

There was no currency in those times. Civilization was so spiritually advanced that money was useless. You gave everything that was best in you with love, not thinking of payment or a prize; what was best came back to you from other people. This is how you served others. You didn't need money since everything would come to you or you produced it directly using Universal Substance.

That life and its workings can be compared to the current lives of wealthy men. Many of them are rich because they developed a strong field of intention around them. It is formed of joyous expectation of Abundance.

These people learned to expect wealth, success, glory, and fame, and believe that they are natural and obvious. They don't even consider any other possibility. They don't think they can fail in accomplishing or succeeding.

It comes from the strong patterns they have within that they automatically follow. This is why their life is filled with enthusiasm for new ideas and they succeed in everything since they are not afraid to try.

It was like that with you. You never feared to undertake even the most risky action. You didn't even think that you could fail in anything, that something might not succeed, or that you could lose anything. On the contrary: you were absolutely convinced that whatever you did, you would succeed. You never took failure into account, thinking it was impossible or even absurd.

You created everything that you imagined and desired because you knew that you could be anything You Wanted to Be, do anything you want to do, and have everything you desire. In this way you made everything around you bright and beautiful.