Introduction to Lost Civilization

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

Dear reader, while writing these words I don't turn to your logical mind but to your memory bank so you can remind yourself that you once participated in this. You live eternally as a soul and you are a collection of characters of all kinds, the sum of all experiences the Earthly School can offer.

You live eternally but you return to the Earth from time to time since this is your desire. You come back to fulfill your task with the help of the spiritual power of your Divine Self. 

A task is different for everybody since each man has acquired a different level of growth. One part of the task, however, is common to all people: regaining the memory lost. How can you do that?

You would have to realize and remember always that your Divine, Great, Spiritual Self existed many times before in incarnations preceding your present life. You passed through an unimaginable quantity of experiences and you carry a wonderful treasury inside. You may not realize this fact or that you have the ability to benefit from it whenever you wish.

Dear reader, an enormous Truth is at your disposal. It could be an amazing support to you in your everyday life if only you wanted to benefit from It. Don't you have access to It? You are deceiving yourself. Who, if not your Divine Self, makes you feel a zest for life, growth, and learning? It has been calling you all the time but you can hardly hear anyone. You are so very busy with what you reckon to be your life that you are not able to hear It.

You not only carry the abilities acquired earlier, your Higher Spiritual Self is also ready to help you solve the problems caused by your present life in the world of matter. Don't think of yourself as of a weak and helpless being, because this is not what you are. You are as great today as you were at the beginning of your existence.

Nevertheless, if you decide to see yourself as a lame duck, loser, or weak thing, this just means that you use your free will in the wrong way and that you persist in belittling the rays of Love and Wisdom that God sends you continuously through your Divine Self.

You feel so miserable because you don't use the gifts of Love and you don't realize that everything you meet on your path is Its gift. Love sends you abundance but you can benefit from Its gifts only when you live in the Mind's Unity with God. When you live in a state of dissociated consciousness, you cannot benefit from these large resources of Abundance.

You may not have access to all your knowledge at present because much of what you acquired in other incarnations is closed or hidden from your consciousness. You are forced to operate on the basis of limited information. Know, however, that nobody deprived you of this knowledge; it was you who closed yourself off to it. You will learn how it happened in the following part of the book.

In order to understand what I am going to write below, an open mind is necessary. You won't realize anything with a closed mind. You will not only misunderstand what I want to say in this book, you will generally learn nothing. A mind that is closed rejects everything that is different and that collides with its former beliefs, without realizing that its former beliefs are totally wrong.

When you identify only with your physical body, you forget the most important thing-you are the soul that lives forever. Remember the Earthly School from the second volume. You come to the Earth to learn through experience and when you learn your lesson, you leave. Sometimes you leave this world to rest from learning and when you gain new strength, you come back to the same conditions to continue your learning. The force that pulls you to the Earth is a desire to experience something that was your greatest desire in your past life.

Did you forget this? This is because you don't know that the force that is closing your mind and leading you to oblivion is fear. Only an open and receptive mind can absorb and transform new knowledge and reach the knowledge it carries within. When you don't have access to your inner knowledge, you are constantly flouncing and you don't see a way out. If you realized that it was you who chose a certain experience, you would cease to fear and be angry, once and for all. All your doubts would disappear since you would know that nothing can happen in your life that is discordant with your will. Nothing happens in your life that is not useful to the growth of you and your soul.

You chose each of your experiences, no matter how difficult they might seem. Only learning through our own experience is well-remembered by the soul. This is why they are much more important than knowing what is right from other people's experience. You, the Great You, operating at higher and deeper levels, knows this but you don't realize it because you decided to rely on you little external self.