Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

Many people are not conscious of Truth. They think their present life is the only one they have. Since they are convinced that they live only once I also approached the subject of the soul as if this was a fact.

This is why I assumed in the first volume that a soul finds itself in the world only one time. I dissembled the question of reincarnation, since each incarnation proceeds in a similar way during every descent to earth. A soul appears on Earth whenever it wants to, regardless of whether it is its first time. It could stay in Heaven where only Love and Perfection reign, but it feels a desire to experience life, which it will do for any price. It could be that a soul doesn't realize that it can't experience the desire it feels from the place in which it resides. The reason for this is that the desire has a completely different vibration than the vibration it dwell in until that time. There is no higher vibration than the vibration of Love and Perfection; all other desires, are of a lower vibration level. This is why a new desire pulls a soul, throws it out, or moves from a place of vibration of Love and Perfection to a place of a vibration corresponding with this desire. It is nothing but a desire that pulls a soul to Earth. 

A reader of the first volume of "In the Wheel of Life" understands things from the perspective of a single incarnation and doesn't have the answers to the following questions: How could God, being pure Love, put us people in such extreme conditions? Why do so many people fear Him and believe him to be threatening, vindictive, and unjust?

In order to explain these big questions of apparent injustice, I've approached the soul differently in the second volume. I described human life on earth, but from the perspective of many incarnations. I guided you, dear reader, from a single life here on Earth and through death and the entire existence following it into the next physical incarnation.

I think that it made you realize that something like death or non-being doesn't exist. What we commonly call death is not the end of life but only a passing from one state to another. We are immortal and we live eternally, and this knowledge completely changes our perception of Life.

You can finally let go because of this knowledge. You now know that life is nothing but an endless process of learning; you go through numerous experiences and learn from your mistakes. They give you deep, true knowledge that comes from practice. You wouldn't learn much by observing other people's experiences. Observation itself, without experience, wouldn't imprint itself permanently on your subconscious. It would give you only a shallow, superficial image of Life and not deep, solid knowledge. The key to learning is experience. Only experience eternally imprinted in the subconscious enables us to use what we learned in practice. 

In the third volume, I would like to show you Life from a different perspective. In order for you to understand in-depth what I mean, I will show you the lives of people that remember Who They Are In Essence. On this ground you will recognize a huge difference between the life of a person that remembers Who They Are In Essence and someone who does not.

Dear reader, know that nothing can change your experience as dramatically as remembering Who You Are In Essence. You will understand why societies of civilizations lost long ago lived on higher levels of consciousness than we do now. You will understand why humanity, in spite of its huge technological progress, has fallen into a valley of darkness and ignorance so deep that it has brought this once wonderful planet to the edge of destruction. The planet can still be saved but it needs an enormous devotion and readiness on the part of each man living on it.

And so, deep inside you know everything that I discuss here; it just slipped your conscious mind. The more you remember about Who You Are in Essence, the more you gain from this knowledge. You don't need to search for it because it is stored within you, deep in your heart. When you reach it you will remember the beauty and wisdom of your own soul and when you submit to your Higher Self, it will guide you further.

Understanding what I want to tell you is difficult because words or concepts that I can use are of this world, the world of perception limited by delusion, time, and space. I don't want you to automatically accept everything I write below as truth, but I want you to organize a system that will help you distinguish what is Truth and what is not.

Dear reader, I want you to know that there is no use in meaninglessly considering things if you don't reach deep within you, to the place where this Truth dwells. You cannot get to know It intellectually, through reasoning. One must contemplate it as long as it needs to get to know it from the inside. This is when you experience enlightenment, illumination, deep understanding, insight, or whatever it can be called. You will experience a condition you won't be able to put into words since there is no word describing what you will feel deep inside.

You may compare it to an experience of: "Aha! Now I understand" when you fall into deep pensiveness for a long time. If someone asked you what you had experienced, you wouldn't be able to put it into words. You inherited a deep understanding and there is no way that you could describe it to another man. Words are just symbols, symbols of symbols even. They are so different from the reality you presently experience that you cannot use any of them. None are adequate enough.

Reaching this far and distant past, I wanted to find the first civilization that gave birth to all others. I didn't want to reconstruct history by any means nor put everything in chronological order. I just wanted to show how a civilization that was permanently connected to God, its Source, functioned, and achieved.

While trying to reach this first civilization I discovered that each of the previous civilizations was formed in exactly the same way and functioned on the same Pure Spiritual principles. Its inhabitants could differ in terms of their looks, skin color, hair, eyes, and height, but their spiritual attitude was the same at the beginning. There is no sense in wondering if it was "this" civilization or some "other." There were so many of them in the span of centuries that the version presented by me could well be a mixture of them all.