Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

In modern times, it happens that a man accomplishes absolute Mastery. Some Masters are well known, e.g. Saint Germain, while the others transform to this state unnoticed by the external world. In every case it is a result of working with themselves, overcoming their own little selves, and crossing delusions on the way to the Truth.

Don't become impatient, though, because it seldom happens that someone accomplishes this within one incarnation. When the Perfect Divine Energy lightens up the physical body of the adept, he doesn't die, he remains still in his body of light, in the same world and in the same way that you used to live. What the Masters accomplished is a natural order, the next stage in every man's evolution.

And so the Masters are wholesome immortal Beings with balanced masculine and feminine characteristics. Dividing the body to separate sexes followed much later and encompassed only those who turned themselves from God, but I will write about this later.

The ideas expressed by those great masterful souls are the ideas that truly guide people. In the span of the ages, there were many of them. They didn't do anything unusual beside the fact that they accepted and used the teachings of Masters on an everyday basis. This knowledge was previously accessible only to a few but now it changes. Dear reader, know that no one but the Masters can give the direction of progress to our world. It is them who stood behind every milestone in the history of mankind.

The Masters are obviously not the same as ghosts. While accomplishing mastery, they didn't go through death and they didn't ascend their bodies. They have lived in the same bodies they had while physically living. You may not see them because their bodies are illuminated with a very high vibration. These spiritual, luminescent bodies are indestructible. They are so perfect that they live eternally and they are eternally young and beautiful. As angels, they reside in a stream of vibrations that are so high that the ordinary human eye-even a microscope-cannot see them. Everything is a state of consciousness. When it is low, it is difficult to see them. When you raise it, and, more importantly, get rid of fear, the chance to meet them opens up.

Dear reader, the fact that you don't see them obviously doesn't mean that those higher beings don't exist. When you raise your consciousness to the reality of the fourth dimension, you will accomplish the faculty of seeing the forms of life inhabiting it.