Prevailing Conditions

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

When you appeared on the Earth, the climate was mild. It was sunny and warm, and a light pleasant breeze was always blowing. Mild rain would fall from time to time just to supply plants with water. The earth was a safe, powerful, wonderful location of infinite beauty and love. It resided safely in the soft, unpolluted arms of the atmosphere.

You lived among friendly, joyous, peaceful, balanced, and God-focused people. Everyone's bodies were beautiful, magnificent, and ever young. You were wonderful, not only because of your perfect looks but because of the inner light emanating from you that was outwardly expressed in the beauty of your character.

Thanks to the fact that you were permanently united with your inner being, you found yourself in the condition of absolute peace and satisfaction. You can certainly describe it as an eternal happiness.

Your mood was expressed in the most beautiful rhythm of your movements. Your walk was so light, one could think at first glance that you were floating in the air since you almost didn't touch the Earth.

You lived in kindness and decisiveness at the same time, controlling yourself and being cheerful. You persistently pursued your goal but you would take only the direction that you and other people would benefit from. It was more important for you to understand, experience, and express love, joy and inner peace in everyday life than anything else.

If you returned to this good spiritual mood today and held on to it permanently, it would bring you fortune, talents, health, and happiness. Don't be surprised that your soul sang with joy and danced in admiration of you. God sang and danced along with you.

Although you spent a long time on the Earth, you didn't need words to communicate with other people or God. You used images, sound waves, and beams of light the way you used to do it in Heaven. It was possible because, although you descended to the Earth, you kept your former abilities that we commonly call medium.

Nowadays there also happen to be people who have got partial, minimal abilities of this kind, manifesting in the form of clairvoyance.