The Beginning of Your Stay at the Earth

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

Dear reader, this is your story.

God has created a Perfect World, commonly called Heaven, and a Perfect man in it. Only Love ruled, everything was Perfect, and it was static in a way. It didn't have a chance to grow. You probably understand that it was extremely easy to love God in Heaven, where there was nothing except Love and Perfection. It didn't bring anything new to Life as a whole, though.

This is why in the infinite God's Mind, in the Source that we come from, a plan was made concerning all people at the same time. God designed the Earth as a free will zone. Because of this you gained the opportunity to manifest your perfection in the art of using your reason and thoughts. This is why it has been a place of such wonderful possibility.

It is only here on earth, during your numerous experiences, that you can learn deep and permanent love. Your soul not only shapes this, it also fosters your spirit's sensations. You can experience everything your soul desires. Nobody can forbid you to do that since you benefit from the law given you by God Himself.

In order for you to walk through life in a physical form, you need a body. It consists of billions of single cells that form large, more complicated sets. Have you ever seen a spectacle on a stadium, where thousands of people join together to make some patterns? In the same way, millions of cells join together to make your hand, liver, eye, and every other organ. They live their life but they are totally subjected to you. All of this in the name of love. Because of this you can live your life and they can live theirs. In the second volume I described evolution and involution. Although they were created to manifest perfection, they are completely obedient to your instructions.

On the Earth and in the new conditions, you never lost anything. On the contrary, you gained a lot. Having free will, you had the opportunity to reach deeper and deeper within, penetrating deeper levels of consciousness and love so that you could grow in strength. You know Love since you come from it but you could get to know it better on Earth by your experience.

You adored, worshiped, and acknowledged God as your only Source by continuously developing love and wisdom. Your attitude was a signpost of light showing the way to those who descended to the Earth after you or who lost their way. And so, you descended to Earth a long time ago while the Earth was being shaped. You were not banished to it by any means, as some religions teach, but you were invited here as a guest. God wanted you to walk the Earthly Way as an incarnated man and to try everything that is to try there. For He said: "My will shall be done when you, together with your brothers and sisters, will benefit from the Goods that I gave to you." 

You rejoiced in this opportunity and you reckoned it to be a great honor to. You gained the possibility to together care for life on the planet Earth. You acknowledged It as a living, feeling, and constantly growing Being. You could grow with It and develop along with It in the name of God's glory. You cared for each other's needs.

Living on Earth, you remained the same soul you had been while living in Heaven. You descended for a good cause. You brought your spirit to this new planet and along with others, you created a great, wonderful civilization.

Let us emphasize once again: you didn't find yourself on Earth because you were exiled. You found yourself there because of your own free will. The Plan to descend to the Earth was offered to you to accept it and not imposed on you as a necessity. You accepted it with joy as a chance for your further development and growth.

While sending people to the Earth, God didn't send a single man away from Him, nor did he leave anyone on their own. He has been cooperating with each individual for his own good and for the good of all of humanity. All action serves one purpose, which is the progress of all Life as a whole.

While descending to Earth, you were fully aware of the purpose. You put on a physical body to be able to exist in matter. Only the body enabled you to experience Life on Earth. While putting on your physical body, you never went away from God nor ceased to be His beloved Son. You emerged from Him, since you come from Him. Nothing will change this fact. Although you manifested in physicality as an individual stream of life, you still lived in God as you do now. Though you are naturally a son, you are not united with Him automatically.

In order for the unity with God to manifest, your consciousness is necessary. It doesn't happen naturally. Some effort on your side is necessary, too. It is only when you consciously unite with God, your Father, that you reach unity. The God is present within you and you, as His son, are present within Him.
You probably wonder what the benefits are of this unity. Well, you get the chance to live in Truth. When you are connected to God by your consciousness, you become one. Jesus confirmed this: "God is your Father that feeds you and cares for you. Be his children in your minds and will, as you really are".

When you don't unite your consciousness with God's consciousness, however, you feel separated from Him and you fall into delusion. Each of these conditions brings totally different results. What are they? You will see on the following pages of this book. God didn't abandon a man, nor ban him. He said to people descending to the Earth: "I intend to give myself to you. You go and generously give so everything you create in the Universe understands its essence as My identity." You serve God every time you express this superior order.

And so God, Beloved Presence "I Am", has always expected you to act according to the Cosmic Law, to pour love from your own Stream of Life to all life. It is part of your obligation to God or Life in general since all Life exists exclusively because of the Love we emanate. As you can see, love is not an alternative meaning you can adjust yourself to depending on your whim, it is an obligation you undertook while descending to Earth.