What about Technology?

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

Dear reader, if you looked into this distant past, you would be very surprised to find yourself in a primitive retarded stage now. You wouldn't see anything there that would indicate technological progress. There were no communication devices, industry, pollution, electric wires, open construction sites, or other traces of technological progress. You wouldn't find any of the technologically dominant devices that you find in "modern" industrial times.

It's hard to fathom how there was no technology in the distant past. But if you studied this civilization and deeply contemplated it, you would understand that they didn't need technology.

Transportation wasn't needed then but this isn't because people didn't move around. People did travel long distances but they didn't need transportation to do it. It was enough to just think about a place and arrive there instantly. It is similar today: you think of some place in the world and you are there. You think you do it only in dreams but you are wrong-a part of you is there already.

Dreaming of a distant place is nothing else but moving in space. Once people could take their physical bodies with them but now they can't anymore. Masters claim that you could move like that today if you became permanently united with God, believed that such movement is possible, and didn't allow fear to tie you to your current location. 

If you dared to use this kind of transportation, you would avoid many stressful factors. You wouldn't have to bear tiring long journeys, crowded train cars, or traffic jams. You wouldn't hear street noise because there wouldn't be any. You once moved more quickly and comfortably than you do now, even though we have so many wonderful accomplishments and scientific developments around us. 

You didn't need telephone either since you communicated through telepathy. The same concerns radio and television. As an all-knowing person (beyond being just clairvoyant or clairvoyant), you could see and hear whatever you wanted from a distance. 

You didn't need a kitchen and all its tools because food would appear at your call, as well as clothes and household devices. It was up to your creative invention to determine the kind of house you lived in. You could live in a palace or a simple ordinary house, depending on your needs and fantasies.

There were no wires to send electric energy since nobody needed it. You used another energy that was all-present and always accessible. You satisfied all your needs by using spiritual powers alone. 

You were so used to light and heat appearing that you never thought twice about it. You could have even gone into a cave, deep inside the earth, and have it well-lit and warm as a flat with many windows in the summertime. The light would spread in all directions, was all-present, and didn't give shadows. When you wanted to sleep and needed darkness, it faded away.

The energy you used so eagerly was sensitive, intelligent, and it reacted to your every thought. Nothing changed concerning the infinite resources and flow of this wonderful Energy. You ultimately get everything that you think of. To being able to access it is not problem, but using it in a careless way.