Your Influence on the Earth

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

First of all, you let yourself to have negative emotions. The reason for this is your logical mind. If you use it too often, you overestimate and overexploit it. You don't pay attention to reality but rather only to what your senses tell you. This evokes an enormous stress that affects your whole body. You submit to the judgment of your senses because you cannot see the whole. You just see one material side of existence, though it constitutes a tiny part of the enormous whole that One is.

A conflict occurs then. Your senses tell you something and Reality tells you something else. When Reality differs from what you feel with your external senses, negative emotions arise within you. You express them by attacking, judging, criticizing, and condemning others.

However, know that what you express never fades. It grows, becomes stronger, and returns to you. This is the Law of a Circle. When something returns to you, it bounces off you by the principle of ricochet, with doubled force and virulence.

In order to prevent catastrophe and the explosion of such a "time bomb," Mother Nature helps us people by defusing it through small failures, accidents, and collisions.

These negative emotions usually concern the population of people, not individuals. They unite then and grow in strength. When they concern a great number of people, an accumulation of negativity forms and a catastrophe follows.

Balance is necessary in the world. This is why, after crossing a threshold of dark negative force, whirlpools start to form. They form because good and bad as two opposite states naturally push each other away. When it starts to boil with an excess of negativity, an explosion follows.