Book Excerpts

Below excerpts from the book written by Wanda Pratnicka "Know The Truth and Be Free" 

From the chapter "Preface": 

This book is addressed to everyone irrespective of race or religion because one day we will all experience our own or someone else's passing. Do you realize that the fear of death is the primary cause of most, if not all of our internal adversities? The fear of death is like the interior of a simmering volcano. It is that hidden, constant fear that no amount of money or superficial effort can neutralize. This fear is the essence of all things. It is a fear that emanates not only from death itself, but also from a lack of understanding of this very emotional subject. Traditional media is not making it any easier to understand death. Death is either not shown or, for example in movies and video games it is presented in a banal or unrealistic way. 

Therefore most people leave things up to chance, not knowing how to control their life on Earth as well as after death. When you familiarize yourself with the information introduced in this book you will no longer waste your life. You will begin to make different, more conscious choices. Who knows, maybe you will become amazingly wise and happy. Once and for all you will get rid of your fears and stop living in constant frustration. You will understand that what you fear the most (most often unconsciously) doesn't even exist, because what you call death is just taking off your body in the same way that you take off and throw away the old clothes that you don't need anymore. Meanwhile you, the essence of you, moves forward. Where? Well, to understand this is extraordinarily important because what you know about death, what you think about it during your life and what you expect from it, will determine what you will experience in the future. Therefore, the knowledge you acquire about death in your lifetime is as important as the air that you breathe because your future depends on it. I hope that you will come to understand that everything that happens to you depends only and solely of you. You must take your life into your own hands because nobody else will help you with it.

Nobody can get by in life without the knowledge provided in this book. It is especially important when you are sick, aged or you have someone in your family who is quickly approaching the transition commonly known as "death". If you have lost someone close to you and you are mourning then this book is appropriate for you. This book will explain every tragedy and it will help you heal any wounds in your heart caused by the loss of someone dear to you.