Contact with Death

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

When somebody from our surroundings dies, our subconscious is usually consumed with thoughts of our own death. It seems dreadful to us because we are afraid of it. We should be aware that we are the ones that give death this aura. Each soul knows perfectly well when it will die and how much time it has to complete its mission. Our fear is therefore completely unnecessary. We have to realize that our fear of death makes us live our life half-way. If we live life like that we won’t have enough energy to accomplish our true goals. Fear will clip our wings and how can we live here without wings? We won’t fly high enough because we will be fearful of falling. 

It is different when we get used to the essence of death and stop fearing not only death, but also everything else; because once you are not afraid of death then you will realize you don’t have to be afraid of anything else. With this realization we can elevate our plans above mediocrity. At that point we certainly know that we will accomplish them. We can then do everything effortlessly, lightly, and pleasantly, always having enough time and energy. Anything we undertake goes smoothly from that point. 

When people know what happens after death they are less afraid, because they have a fuller picture of what will be happening with them. Unfortunately most dying people are not preparing for this important moment. Thinking about death while still alive seems too frightening. Usually we postpone such thoughts for when we are older. Very often we are already too old or sick then and in so much pain that we don’t find enough strength for it. Long before death we receive anesthetics, and because of that we are not conscious of ourselves. 

We should prepare for death in advance, at the earliest age in order to get used to it. Only then can we go through life fully relaxed and go to the next world without fear. Then will not be scary, and so called death so hard. Nothing bothers a person that is prepared for death at any moment of their life. This means that he can live almost indefinitely, meaning as long as he desires. If a person is afraid of something then he attracts that something to him. If he fears death so much that he runs away from even thinking about it then death will make itself known to him at the least expected moment. When that happens he will be completely stupefied and he won’t know what is happening with him and what to do next.