Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free"

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. A Few Words about Myself
  4. Who Are You
  5. Your Birth
  6. What Is Soul?
  7. Taboo Subject
  8. Fear of Death
  9. Faulty Belief
  10. Thinking about Death
  11. Life on Earth
  12. Understanding Life
  13. School Called Life
  14. Turning Knowledge into Wisdom
  15. Self-consciousness
  16. Experiences
  17. Learning Time
  18. The End of Learning?
  19. Body
  20. Relationship with Others
  21. Delusive Goal of Life
  22. You and God
  23. Here Is Who You Are
  24. The Life Plan
  25. Contact with Death
  26. About Death
  27. How Kids Look at Death
  28. Suicide: What Causes It?
  29. Getting Accustomed to Death
  30. The Soul's Decision
  31. Fighting for Life
  32. Sensing Our Death
  33. Before You Die
  34. Fatal Illness
  35. Are You Ill?
  36. How Our Subconscious Works?
  37. Benefits of Being Sick
  38. You Are Not Your Body
  39. Answered Prayers - How to Reprogram Your Subconscious
  40. Creating New Habits
  41. Working on Yourself
  42. Answered Prayer
  43. When a Soul Desires to Leave
  44. Do We Have to Die?
  45. The Illness and Death of Children
  46. Caring for a Terminally Ill Child
  47. How to Take Care of Seriously Ill People?
  48. Praying for a Sick Person
  49. Preparing for the Transformation Known as Death
  50. What Is It Like in Practice?
  51. The Participation of Children During a Serious Illness
  52. The Death of Parents
  53. Concealing Death
  54. After We Hear the Diagnosis
  55. The Limitations of Civilizations
  56. Ending Your Life with Dignity
  57. The Last Will
  58. The Last Moments
  59. Being Alive Here and There
  60. The Moment of Death
  61. Death and What's Next?
  62. The Train Going to Heaven
  63. The Human Bodies
  64. Dying with Full Awareness
  65. Dying Unaware
  66. How Do Possessions Occur?
  67. The Effects of Fearing Death
  68. An Overview of Life
  69. The Transformation Known as Death
  70. Returning Home
  71. Consciousness of the So-Called "Heaven"
  72. The True Life Behind Death's Curtain
  73. In Search of Heaven and God
  74. Messages
  75. The Nature of God
  76. Religions
  77. The Results of Mistaken Beliefs
  78. Spheres of the Astral World
  79. Stuck in a Thought Form
  80. Imprisoned in a Cocoon
  81. Addictions
  82. The Stages of Returning Home
  83. The Funeral
  84. The Participation of Children in Funerals
  85. Character
  86. Parting
  87. Death of a Beloved Person
  88. Mourning
  89. A Grieving Child
  90. Prophecies
  91. Conclusion
  92. Help

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