Delusive Goal of Life

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

On Earth we are taught that money, power, prestige, material wealth, tangible and things that provide earthly comfort are incredibly important, and even comprise the basic goal of life. This is obviously nonsense. In the end physical life is only a small part of our true life. Relying on the things that you can’t take with you is like building sand castles. Does it mean that we should reject beautiful things and live in poverty? Not at all. God gives us all great, beautiful and wonderful things to be of use to us and use as much as we want. They should bring us happiness and fulfillment. At the same time it means that we are solely their users. We don’t have a right to become attached to them, because they don’t comprise our worth. All things (without any exceptions) we love and which we can’t do without, belong to God and we have to be able to leave them behind when we leave for the next stage of our live. 

In the spiritual world, behind the so called "death curtain" we will have everything returned by God (and a lot more): the same things we had up until that point or better, once we wish for them. In the Bible it is written, "Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God". It is harder for a rich person, because it is not permissible to take your wealth from the physical world to the spiritual, and rich people are so attached to their wealth. There are in the spiritual world – if a person wants – the same things as in the physical world, but built from subtle spiritual matter vibrating on a higher plane. Hence, most people are not able to notice these things. Perhaps you are among them. Don’t worry about it. If you accept your death after leaving the physical world all those things become as visible and tangible as material things do now. By getting attached to physical things we become their slaves. This also applies with attachments to people, knowledge, power, respect, success and feelings of well-being etc. 

On the other hand, complete rejection of physicality is as bad as is an attachment to it. Rejection results from a person subconsciously remembering that at some point he had to leave what he was attached to. And because he suffered so much as a result, he doesn’t want to have physical attachments in his current life so as to avoid the painful feeling of loss. For many people this process is not conscious. Often they desire what others have or what rich people have. Despite hard work they do not achieve as much as they desire. When they realize that they once rejected material goods and they allow themselves not only to have them, but to use them, they can suddenly use everything that God has to offer. One of the cardinal human mistakes is excessive concern about the consequences of our own actions. We remain so absorbed with consequences that we forget to enjoy what we created. It stirs up in us anxiety and depression. Anxiety may cause concern about many things: how we will manage things, what will happen if the results we achieve don’t meet our expectations, what will happen if we disappoint, what others will think about us. As a result instead of enjoying what we already have (meaning at the moment) we often judge ourselves severely. 

Sometimes it is the other way around – we do nothing, because we are excessively afraid that if we don’t succeed we will be rejected, hate ourselves or we will become lifelong victims or losers. We don’t realize that we are already all of these. How is in your life, dear reader? Maybe instead of worrying about the results of your actions simply do your job, help others with joy in your heart and picture an increasingly better life for yourself. 

In today’s world we are being taught that we need the favor or respect of other people and such things as clothes and gadgets to find happiness. Meanwhile people come and go. We don’t have any influence over how long they stay around, because each person has their own lessons to pass. At the same time we should realize the incontrovertible fact that we all, without exceptions have eternal, spiritual partners and spiritual families. We are immortal beings with an energy force that is never disconnected or separated from those we truly love and who love us. There will always exist somebody who loves and protects us. We are never alone. We are always protected by God and an army of spiritual beings who cherish us. They comprise our spiritual family. Therefore, let’s always remember that in reality nobody or anything can hurt us because we are immortal beings and not just physical bodies.