Faulty Belief

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

There is no faultier way of thinking than the conviction that death is a process that we don’t have to know anything about and during which everything will happen by itself. Agreed, the physical body will be put a in a coffin, buried in the ground or burned in a crematorium, but what will happen to the real human? He will still live on and basically be doing much better than in the physical life. He won’t be limited anymore by thick matter. He will feel as if he took off a heavy, uncomfortable suit. Is it wise for a person in this situation to lie down as is done with a physical body and wait for the mercy of fate as referred to by different religions in the Last Judgment? He will resemble a cork that is drifting on the water for many, many years or possibly even thousands of years. Is it worth it to leave things up to fate and swim somehow, somewhere, where most likely we won’t like it at all? Well, fate mostly supports people that take control and work on it. Therefore, I think that it is okay to talk about death. Most of us just need to get used to this idea. Once and for all we need to realize that what we are afraid of the most doesn’t exist at all in reality. Death doesn’t exist. In reality humans live eternally. This is why you had courage to come to Earth. God promised you an eternal life and he always keeps His word. The death of our physical body seems to be the end but it is really the taking off of an old, used, no longer needed body in order for the real human in his faithful form to continue his journey. This form is a precise reflection of a physical body, but for most physical eyes it is invisible. Where are we going? This depends upon us one hundred percent. However, to be able to make a decision about this we at least need to know the laws that apply in that reality. Jesus from Nazareth constantly reminded people: "Know the truth and it will free you" Free us from what? It will free us from the limitations that we put on ourselves when we think according to what our five senses tell us. How do I know this? From the experiences of tens of thousands of people that reached out to me in the last few years, and this should be multiplied by the amount of ghosts that have possessed individual persons. This adds up to a large number of r beings in total. This is what a person wrote to me after he has read my very first book Possessed by Ghosts and stopped being afraid of death: "Mrs. Pratnicka! At first I didn’t realize that I have completely changed, and then when I did, I didn’t know why it happened. Indeed, I realized that somehow I am calmer and more patient towards my wife and kids. Next, acquaintances were asking me why I looked so rested and happy, as though I had won the lottery. When I started to think more deeply about it, I came to the conclusion that it was because I no longer feared death which up until then I was very frightened of. I also stopped being afraid of my non-existence and all of that thanks to your book. I am less fearful of losing my loved ones (up until then this was my greatest concern). I realized that I would certainly feel deep sadness, but I wouldn’t be in great despair as I was before. This is because I know that death doesn’t end my life and I am aware that they won’t die at all, but only move to another state of existence. Why would I despair in this situation knowing that they are right next to me? Mrs. Pratnicka, you have no idea, how much this knowledge has changed my life. Only now can I create, be happy and live. Once again thank you, greetings and I wish you the best of luck. Jack Leffers". How nerve-wrecking and common is the fear of death. Due to this fear there are many strange things that happen with people. Mostly, they want to hold on to their lives as long as they can. When they realize that time is slipping through their fingers they experience a very deep inner crisis which they are not able to handle. This is why people continuously get into new relationships, are obsessed about their looks and the looks of others s, physical function, gathering material things and striving for many completely needless things. All of that makes them forget the true goal of their lives. Dear reader, what do you think about the moment of your life, commonly called "death"? Do you sometimes wonder what would it be like when it happens to you? Probably you sometimes think about what would happen when a loved one (father, mother, spouse) passes away, if you were suddenly left alone. I doubt though that you wondered about you own departure from the world of physical matter. Don’t you think it is about time you changed that? Death constantly occurs to people and it doesn’t have to do with old age at all. Do you think that it will avoid you?