Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free"


Dear reader, we are living in times of great change. We should be very happy about this, but many people are constantly worrying about impending doom. It is causing people great, unconscious fear. I took on this task to not only mitigate this fear, but to permanently remove it. It is not possible for us to live with such a burden and function normally. It will negatively affect not only your life, but life in general. 

No matter what you are afraid of right now, with this fear there is a fundamental, overarching fear associated with your death and non-existence. You are not even conscious of this fact. This is the reason why many people object to closely looking at this subject. These people are thinking naively deluding themselves into thinking that if they don’t touch this subject, death will pass them by. In reality, it is the other way around. Only when you get to know the phenomenon commonly known as "death", when you understand and accept it then you will have a chance that this so-called "death" won’t return to haunt you. 

Perhaps, like many other people you are afraid to think about death. This is because you know nothing or very little about it. Therefore, you don’t understand what happens in the moment of "death" and as a result a great fear paralyses you about this occurrence. 

The word "death" should be written in quotes because in reality there is no death. You never die. Only your physical body dies. During so-called "death" you take off your body in the same way you take off old, used, unneeded clothing and you - as the essence of you - still exists, and this is the eternal life. The transformation called death is in reality a movement from one state of consciousness into another one. It is as if you were moving from one classroom to another. 

The purpose of this book is to help you get rid of your fear of death and to inspire you. My desire is for you to move through life filled with peace and trust, and not to flit by death secretly and in constant fear of your own life and the lives of others. 

Dear reader, I realize that this is an abhorrent subject and that you might approach it with antipathy. But you have to understand that sooner or later you will have to face this problem. This way it will not surprise you or suddenly hit you like a lightning bolt later on in life. Now you have enough time to calmly prepare yourself and your friends and family (only if they are willing) to make a conscious and safe transition to the other side. 

You cannot assume that the people close to you will be open to the knowledge introduced in this book. You can’t do anything about that. You can’t forcefully make them aware of it. Obviously, it would be better if your friends and family also had this knowledge and live in peace. Then they would be growing and thinking just like you. However, you can’t force them into anything. You can just wait and hope their beliefs will change. But keep in mind that they might never get there. Therefore start the change with you and quietly hope that they will follow in your footsteps. Otherwise you will end up wasting your chance in the same way as they wasted theirs by not taking any action. So, don’t rush them or pressure them to grow and follow your lead because none of you will gain anything from it. 

I am addressing this book to everyone, not only to sick, elderly or dying persons. By making yourself familiar with the information presented here you will stop fearing death and you will prepare for it as one might prepare for a trip, in the way you find most convenient. You will get used to death and as a result your fear will disappear. Consequently, you will stop being afraid in general and you will learn to become fearless in this world as well as in the next one. 

If you have somebody in your family that is very sick or if you are mourning someone, this book will help you to get through tough times like these now and in the future. 
The knowledge introduced here is also useful for people who take care of sick people professionally. Thanks to this knowledge the quality of live will improve for both the people who we call alive and those who we refer to as dead. 

If you are young and healthy then this will still be very appropriate reading material. It’s about time you became familiar with this topic. Don’t leave it for later because you are not living in a world where death only comes to the elderly who have lived a rewarding life. It is the opposite – death seems to lurk around each corner. Isn’t this why you should want to know more about death now? 

In this book, I will summarize the concept of "death" in a very simplified way. I will narrow it down to a physical body which we discard in the moment of "death" like used clothing that is no longer needed. And, I will mention only a little about the essence of the person who after leaving the physical body still exists and functions as during physical life. This is all too broad a knowledge to fit into one book. 

What you are going to read here is for each one of us the most important things in the world. From this basic knowledge or from lack of it, Who You Are in Essence, will be determined the quality of your everyday life here on Earth as well as after your departure. 

I hope that by reading this book you will look at your life from a different perspective and free yourself from the pretense or illusion which up until now you considered life. Everything that I am writing here you already know somewhere on the deeper level of your being and my role is only to remind you about what is already inside of you. 

Most people don’t assimilate these laws; as a result they die in unconsciousness and then are afraid to cross to the other side of death’s curtain. Many persons are deluded into thinking that after the death of their physical bodies they are living the same life as they had been to that point and that nothing has changed for them. However, after their death, the lives of those who remain in the physical life may change greatly, just because the deceased remain next to us. Most people don’t realize that and therefore the results of such things turn out to be in most cases lamentable. 

Dear reader, what you are going to do with this knowledge and whether you will learn something from it is your decision. Let your heart suggest to you. You can also do nothing and dwell in ignorance, because you have done this for a very long time already. What you will decide and do, won’t make a greater difference for God or universe. However change resulting from adopting the principles described here, could turn out to be very helpful and felt by you and your surroundings.