Taboo Subject

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

Dear reader, you need to know that in our modern world religion and science, in a way have conspired to make immortality and life after death taboo subjects. Obviously, this didn’t happen on its own. Once the leaders of the Church noticed that more and more followers were turning away from the Church they came up with the idea to join forces with the world of science. Since then they started directing followers’ attention to science as the provider of solutions to all humanity’s agonizing problems. 

As a result of that people for hundreds of years mistakenly believed that if science could only reach a certain point in development, it would solve all the humanity’s problems. Science was supposed to become a path to freedom from illnesses, poverty and suffering. Currently, we know that science and technology can’t solve such problems on its own. They could be used for good as well as bad purposes. Actually, technology can only help us when we use it consciously, wisely and above all in moderation. Humanity itself must find inner harmony and balance. It cannot be given as a gift for anyone from the outside (even by using the most amazing technology). Not all people realize that the basis for balance and harmony is love, and love we can only find inside of us. 

Putting the power in the hands of science caused the teaching system to be distorted and it contributed even more to our mental confusion. Such flawed teaching meant that only materialistic ways of explaining the world were considered. As a result this seems exceedingly attractive to people and they don’t consider other options. Obviously, mere science and scientists should not be blamed. It is us (each person individually) that allowed these false perceptions to control our thinking and gain more and more followers. They don’t present anything other than what can be seen, tasted, touched, heard, smelled, measured, weighted, bought or sold. This is humanity’s legacy of which we are so proud. We don’t realize that this is leading us to a dead end, which we realize only after the death of our physical body when it’s too late to do anything about it. There is a saying "A Pole is wise after the event". It should be changed to "A human is wise after the event" because obviously this phenomenon can be applied globally. 

More and more people are trying to get out of the darkness into which humanity has descended over centuries. The limitations of the material world still bother most people, especially educated persons because they rely how things appear based on their five senses. This applies to individuals as well as entire institutions. At first glance it seems that there are people who are impervious to reason. How should we refer to people who never controvert their convictions and belief system? New explanations can’t be accepted and consequently new knowledge either. It is not even allowed for by others as our minds are blinded by outdated convictions and ideas. This is why people pay so little attention to their roots which can be traced to long before the moment of their physical birth or their future which, dear reader, goes far beyond the death of the physical body. Although we have many scholars, in matters regarding life itself we only touch the surface of the phenomenon. Most often we rely only on what we already know and that doesn’t allow us to realize the nature of things that exist beyond the perception of our five senses. Scientists look for, for example: life on distant planets where it absolutely exists, but they can’t perceive it. Hence, they remain unaware of the amazing spaces that stretch out to the furthest horizons. How many letters I receive regarding such subjects. Individual persons see the non-material world or notice some anomaly, but are afraid to openly talk about it. They write: "Mrs. Pratnicka, you are so brave. I agree with you, but I am too weak to change anything in the way which people think. Readers of my books make up a relatively small group of people. They deeply believe in life after death and accept their immortality. 

Meanwhile, skeptics continue to contemptuously burst out laughing at the very thought of life after death and with arrogance they reject the world that are unable to see. They shrug their shoulders and prefer not to care for, what according to them is a distant and uncertain echo from a different world. In any case sooner or later their doubts will also be removed. At the latest, it will occur after the death of their physical body when they will find out how things really are. Older persons say: "How can we know what you write is true? Nobody certainly came back from there yet…" However, many people came back from "there", for instance people who experienced clinical death or long, deep anesthesia. In any case, you cannot prove to somebody something they don’t want to believe (and it shouldn’t be tried). 

Others not noticing those spaces unconsciously deprive themselves of their cosmic identity and consequently deny their spiritual being. By rejecting this legacy they are at the same time denying the essence of their existence.