The End of Learning?

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 


Each lesson that we are go through in human life is an experience that that makes us more like God. In this way we get closer to Him and at some point we can remain in our true Home forever. This is only possible when we pass all lessons, in other words we free ourselves from human desires not by denying them but through understanding them. When we abjure them, they become a starting point that pulls us back down to Earth. 

I hope that this knowledge provides an explanation to many problems you have been struggling with, not knowing why they are in your life. It could also remove many difficulties you deal with daily. I hope that you will stop looking at the world as full of "injustices" because you will know that they are ostensible. When you fully assimilate this, you will see harmony rather than ostensible chaos in the present world. You will still see beings around you who are not equal, because each one of them carries a completely different baggage of experiences and have various talents, skills and energy that come from their various incarnations. On the other hand, dear reader, you will actually know that as souls we are all equal and that everyone is a student in the same school. We all have the same goal – to get to the level of enlightenment that allows us to pass the exam to the higher level. You will see quite clearly that despite all the differences, the path of each person is basically the same. In our physical state we all have to learn the same truths and imbibe them so that they become our second nature. Each lesson consists of the same factors for all people. However, there is such a great diversity of lessons that many people get lost in recognizing them. Through each visit on Earth we learn only a little of each of these virtues, because of their complexity we are unable to achieve excellence at once. 

As you already know, each soul writes down a scenario for future incarnations before coming to the world, precisely outlining everything that will assist the soul in learning a desired lesson. One soul may plan to learn only one aspect of a lesson, for example: to learn patience and even that could turn out to be too hard to accomplish. Another soul may not have a bigger problem, but may have a difficulty, to for example: control its own fear or anger. It is like this with many things here, on Earth. Some person can play or sing beautifully, but perhaps don’t have any manual skills. Another person may easily learn tough subjects at school, but have difficulties with speaking etc