Understanding Life

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

When we look at life from only one, physical point of view we are unable to understand it and it seems to us that everything is devoid of any meaning. Moreover, we are deluded into thinking that God is unjust. 

We wonder why some people are healthy, beautiful, wealthy, have everything that they dream of, live like they are in paradise while others seem to lack everything. They have nothing to put in a cooking pan and sometimes they don’t even have a cooking pan or kitchenette. Every day they are struggling with new difficulties, illnesses, adversities and accidents. Or conversely – we can ask why beautiful, smart, wealthy people are sometimes so extremely unhappy while others deprived of all of that are cheerful, full of love and fulfilled. Shouldn’t we consider that maybe this is a based on how they behaved at some point in the past? 

From the perspective of the life which we are now experiencing we are unable to understand God, ourselves or even the meaning of life in general. However when we look at life from the broader perspective (such as what we deal with daily) suddenly everything becomes clear and understandable, gaining an entirely different meaning. We find in it a deep sense of justice. We don’t hold grudges against God because we begin to understand that the conditions in which each person currently lives is the result of their soul’s desires. It is the next lesson assigned to them to learn or the result of their former choices. If, for example you are destroying your environment now then some day when you are born again you will end up living in it. This is exactly what justice is. Many people don’t get it that their grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to live in such horrible conditions (maybe they don’t have them or care very little about them). However, when they come to understand the truth that they themselves will live such a reality they suddenly change their idle way of thinking.