You and God

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"Know The Truth and Be Free" 

Dear reader, I now want you think about your relationship with God. I realize this is a sensitive topic. However until you find the courage to do this, you won’t move a step further. You can’t avoid this topic forever. I am not talking about whether you are a so called believer, according to the Church or a nonbeliever. For you can stay away from church and still have God as close as your own breath, or your own hands and legs. 

Unless you look at God from a broader perspective than what your religion says about Him, you won’t understand your life or what I desire to convey to you. For everything that you experience in your life depends not so much on what kind of God you believe in, but whether you actually believe in Him, or even if it just seems to you that you believe in Him. 

Writing these words I am obviously not trying to convince anyone about anything or pull anyone away from religion. Just the opposite: I am trying, dear reader, to explain religion to you, helping you discover the deeper meaning of life the existence of which you might never have suspected. I would like to help you better understand your own religion and live better than before according to its tenets and in many cases bring back your lost faith, but on a higher level and with a broader perspective. 

The matter of getting to know God is quite simple. It is based on bringing back an obliterated memory. You knew God before, because you were created by Him, and later you lived with Him for a very long time like a child with his beloved Father. I describe this in detail in the book In the Wheel of Lifevol III

Obviously when I talk about God, I have in mind the Only and the Everything, in Everything, through Everything, for Everyone, in other words God as Absolute. I am not talking about Jesus or any other prophet who many people consider God. God can’t be narrowed down to small human beings, for example: Jesus Christ or another Great Being of Light who believers of various religions call their God. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and All-Powerful, therefore not Jesus Christ or Moses etc. However great they were, they weren’t able to manifest His true greatness. 

I am talking here about the idea of God as Absolute, God in whom you live, move and in whom you exist. God who is beyond all religions, God, who manifests in each person as an inborn instinct and unquenchable desire for something better, more beautiful and greater than what any person is or has. 

All religions teach that there is one God therefore all of them confirm the same, basic truth that I am writing about. We could ask at this point, since there is one God, why have so many religions arisen with their followers fighting each other claiming that their religion is the only one and true religion? Are the bodies of followers of certain religion sick in various ways and in various ways they come back to health? Or perhaps they have experienced different emotions and psychological problems? Perhaps they might fear rejection, loss or treachery in different ways? Anger is after all equally poisonous for the body of a Muslim, Buddhist, as for a Christian. It is common for us to desire love. In terms of body and spirit we don’t vary from each other at all. Therefore, why should religions make us different? 

Dear reader, recall the Truth which you have in you, that you knew God earlier (as each one of us without exception knows this truth). When you began your descent in the direction of concentrated, physical activity, you still had complete, mindful memory of that fact. Only when your energy was permanently directed downwards, the curtain was placed in front of you and the amazing beauty of God’s indescribable temple forgotten. You can also read about this in my book In the Wheel of Lifevol III

You forgot about God, who He really is, but that doesn’t mean that you are separated from Him or in a different place from Him at all. Your life is still a part of the great Divine’s life, exactly the same as it was at some point. This is why no matter whether you are believer, atheist, so-called good person or recognized as a disgraceful person, you still have the Divine Spark inside of you and you are still his beloved son. 

God that is above all religions appears in the form of in-born instinct in you. Otherwise you would never wonder about your life. Every time that you do this, it only means that God is sounding an alarm in you that something in your life is not right, that you distanced yourself from Him as from your Source. 

That in-born instinct makes many people disagree with their own religion or another religion. Sometimes they argue with each other and sometimes it results in wars. Unconsciously they may not want to refer to such an immense power as a Christian’s God, a Muslim’s Allah, Buddhism’s Buddha, or such because deep down they know that these terms don’t completely reflect the perfection and the greatness of God’s existence. 

Religious people often describe God as The Highest Intelligence, The Universe, Everything, What Is, Inner Being, Spiritual Guide, Guardian Angel, The"I Am" Presence. Whatever name or change of name he is given it does not change the immensity of His Power or the characteristics of Strength and Energy which He represents. All these names refer to the one and same God because God is one and is unity: "I am the Lord and there is no other; besides me there is no God" I myself prefer to use the word "God", because this is the only one of a kind word in the world that in all languages has the highest vibration. 

Perhaps you are afraid of God, but you should know that He is your one true support. He acts as Divine Providence. He represents clarity of all ideas. This clarity is reflected in your consciousness and conscience. Usually you build your life according to these things exactly, although you often do this unconsciously. 

God talks to each person in their heart. In order to be better understood he sends angels to people, or also other heavenly beings, such as Jesus. God talks to everyone, but still there are millions of people in the world who are lost, nonbelievers, or doubting because they are not aware of this. How to wake them up? They suffer and they do not even know why. They don’t realize that when the signal from God appears they escape into conversations, work, TV viewing, computers, radios, addictions, or anything else that they find at their fingertips to deafen the warnings from God. They then get another signal and another signal until the required outcome is achieved.