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If you suffer from addictions, such as alcoholism, being a workaholic, sex-addiction, nicotine-addiction, drug-addiction, gambling or other dependencies then it's very likely that you can be helped. Alcoholism, drug-addiction, or generally speaking any kind of dependency is often caused by spirits. When we are possessed by a ghost which is dependent on some addiction from their past life, then we usually fall into the same addiction. When a ghost enters our body we become one entity with it. Its thoughts, desires, and drives become ours, too. If the ghost needs alcohol then it's most likely that we will start to drink, even if we never did before, or we may find that we have an urge to smoke even though we'd always condemned the habit in the past. Someone who has a spirit, aka ghost, attachment might also find themselves being promiscuous and seeking out risky or emotionally-damaging sexual liaisons. Of course ghosts aren't necessarily attracted to people who have the desired trait or tendency. Before the occurrence of a spirit attachment, we might have had modest inclinations from time to time, but after we're possessed by a ghost we start to succumb to the habit (drinking, gambling, promiscuous sex, smoking, etc) with increasing intensity, and often have no or little control over it.



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