Mood Swings

If you have powerful or frequent mood changes, if you are often subject to hysteria, a desire for destruction or self-destruction, then it's very likely that you may be helped. Powerful or frequent mood changes indicate that, at certain moments, we are ourselves and at other times we allow a ghost or ghosts to reveal themselves through us. The greater the number of ghosts attached to us, the more frequently will different mood changes manifest themselves. Emotional imbalance is one of the most frequently appearing symptoms of spirit attachment. 

A common feature of people possessed by ghosts is, on the one hand, an increased sensitivity, argumentativeness, occasional attacks of fury at completely unexpected moments and, on the other, sluggishness, lack of enthusiasm for anything, tearfulness. Mood swings develop, from huge stimulation to huge seeing the black side of things. A person who, till this time, was mentally and physically strong now doesn't really know what to do with themselves. 

The basic reason for that is the fact that ghosts are full of different and, at the same time, intense emotional states. It is very important to understand that these emotional states are always of a negative nature, as the astral realm in which ghosts are residing is in its nature build of fear and other negative emotions which are all originating from fear. Therefore the moment a living person is being approached by a ghost it will experience different emotions. These states are very intense in nature. The ghost always comes with intense fear, doubt, anger, hatred, (self) pity, jealousy, envy etc. When a living human allows himself to become influenced by these emotional states which, in its very nature are originating from outside of his emotional system, he is going to experience intense mood changes.

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