common symptoms of spirit attachment

Mood Swings


If you have powerful or frequent mood changes, if you are often subject to hysteria, or hold the desire for destruction or self-destruction, then it's very likely that you are dealing with spirit attachment. But do not despair—you can be helped.

Powerful or frequent shifts in your mood indicate that, at certain moments, we are ourselves and at other times we have allowed a spirit—or spirits—to take control over us. The greater the number of spirits attached to us, the more frequently mood shifts and changes will manifest themselves. Emotional imbalance is one of the most common symptom of spirit attachment. 

Other common conditions and symptoms of people possessed by spirits are increased sensitivity, argumentativeness, and occasional bouts of rage at unexpected moments. However, other people possessed by spirits suffer from completely different conditions and symptoms —sluggishness, lack of passion, and an overwhelming sense of melancholy.

Mood swings often worsen to the point where someone will only perceive the dark and negative side of things. A person that was previously mentally and physically strong won’t be able to understand their new condition or what to do with themselves. Why? The simple answer is that spirits are full of complex and intense emotional states. These emotional states are always rooted in a negative nature. Additionally, the astral plane in which spirits reside are built of fear. Therefore, the moment a living person is approached by a spirit, they will experience different emotions. The spirit will be filled with intense fear, doubt, anger, hatred, self-pity, jealousy, envy, and many more negative emotions. When the living allows themselves to become influenced by these emotional states, which originate from outside their usual emotional system, they will experience intense mood changes.


Read about an actual spirit attachment case from the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center:


We met Christina at an esoteric expos in Germany. She had been looking for help for her husband, Mark, who had been experiencing severe mood swings.

Christina explained the situation in great detail. “You never know what to expect. I always have to walk on eggshells around him. He can be loving and kind one minute, but when something little sets him off, he changes into a monster. He verbally abuses me and my children. Threatens to leave and destroy us financially. He later apologizes, but ultimately does the same thing again. It’s a constant roller coaster. He’s also very indecisive so it’s nearly impossible to plan anything in advance. Mark will commit to something enthusiastically but change his mind later despite the consequences. I try to cater to him to avoid fights, but no matter what I do, he ultimately blows up. There will be times when he’s depressed for weeks and all the responsibilities of parenting and running the household fall onto me. I want to divorce him, but don’t want my children to grow up without a father.”

After conducting a check-up, we found several spirits attached to Mark. We asked Christina whether she would consider telling her husband about his spirit attachment. “Oh, he would never believe me and it would just create another fight at home. He would probably say that it’s me who has mental problems. Can you try to remove these spirits without his knowledge?”

When a possession is severe like in Mark’s case, it is possible to start the removal process without the person’s knowledge. The outcome is harder to predict in such cases, but we find that about 85% people experience great improvement.

After a month of the removal process, Christina called our office and said that Mark was becoming more emotionally stable. We told her that most of the spirits were removed but there was one that returned repeatedly. Christina suspected that it might be her mother-in-law. Before her death, her husband didn’t have any of the symptoms described above. Mark had a close relationship with his mother and missed her dearly after her death.

Since most of the other spirits had been removed at that point, Mark had been more open to listen to Christina. She  talked to him about the importance of letting his mother go and saying goodbye. She gently encouraged this again and again, and even though Mark didn’t comment much, he must have listened to his wife.

After about one  month, Mark was completely free of all spirits. A few weeks later, Christina called our office and said that her husband was back to being the sweet and kind husband and father that she fell in love with.  She was astonished by how we were able to help someone like Mark without them even knowing. We explained that on subconscious level Mark did know  and was ready to let go of his suffering.


For more information on mood swings, please refer to Wanda Pratnicka's book "Possessed by Ghosts", chapter: Mood Swings 

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