common symptoms of spirit attachment

Relationship Problems


When a spirit is attached to a person, it will often send negative energy to anybody who comes in contact with such person. As a result, people tend to avoid people who have a spirit attached because they can subconsciously sense negative energy from them. Others could also react to them negatively, be argumentative, or be unpleasant without any apparent reason. Our clients often complain that they are unable to maintain relationships because people often disappear from their lives or they are treated poorly everywhere they go.


When both people in the relationship have spirits attached to them things can get very unstable and unsafe.  They live on the edge, have arguments for no reason, or won’t talk to each other for weeks.  There can be a of lot of hostility, including verbal and physical abuse.  Most couples in this situation, experience great financial losses.  There can be substance abuse even though they had never used alcohol or drugs before.

For more information on this topic please read this blog post: Spirit aka Entity Attachment in Relationships. 

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