anxiety attack

Anxiety Attacks

It is important to determine if your anxiety attacks are periodic or chronic conditions. These symptoms can be classified in the following categories:



Increased heart rate, excessive sweating, cold hands and feet, nausea, difficulty breathing, sore muscles, loss of appetite, backache, digestive problems, headaches, sexual dysfunction, excessive fatigue, and the need for frequent bowel movements.



Apprehension, mental confusion and instability, inability to concentrate, low self-esteem, a sense of losing control, despondency, depression, frustration, hostility, helplessness, irritability, exasperation, apprehension, nervousness, lethargy, poor sleeping patterns, resorting to alcohol or tobacco, reduced sexual drive, difficulties in making decisions, loss of job satisfaction, seeing situations as a threat rather than a challenge, constantly filled with negative thoughts, and the loss of self-confidence.



Resorting to psychotropic drugs, pettiness, biting fingernails, irritation, defensiveness, overly critical, aggressive, irrational, negative attitude, loss of objectivity, poor memory, prone to making mistakes, increased susceptibility to accidents, and the lack of concern for one's own appearance.


The aim of this article is to clearly describe the chief cause of anxiety attacks and long-lasting stress to provide an understanding of what you can do to free yourself from these crippling conditions. Powerful negative emotions and long-term emotional tension can make you feel helpless. These negative emotions can also cause you to feel out of control, which in turn can be directed at others, resulting in emotional devastation (when we destroy our ties with others) or material destruction.

Contrary to appearances, many people experience very powerful negative emotions (anxiety attacks) even if they are reluctant to admit to this fact. Many of us try to keep them under control but it is certain that only a handful of people know their true cause.

We will set out here the cause of anxiety attacks which don't necessarily manifest themselves through a desire for expression, but instead through constant anxiety, a prolonged state of nervousness, and a state of chronic terror. More often than not the victims of these kinds of anxiety attacks are unable to assess what it is that provokes this state. We feel afraid, but we have no rational reason to be in such a state. Nothing threatens us, yet we are afraid. Psychology describes this condition as a phobia.

And now for a few facts which you may not have heard of before. What I'm about to say may seem foolish or senseless, but it is just possible that you will come away thinking, This is exactly what I've been looking for. The more you try and suppress it, the greater these symptoms will manifest. So it is for these reasons that the knowledge presented in these pages are essential in your healing and recovery.

The cause of the majority of all anxiety attacks is possession by ghosts, aka spirit attachment (or entity attachment). A ghost is a being, which after the death of the physical body, has not departed to heaven and to God. Instead, for various reasons extensively described in these pages, the spirit has decided to remain in the world of the living. The spirit then attaches itself to people in order to steal their energy so that it can live—the instinct of self-preservation.

How is it that situations reach such a point that the ghost—which has possessed a person—evokes in them emotional states that are so fatal in their consequences, even ending in the blackest of tragedies? In order to understand this, one has to follow the path of the ghost, which instead of going to the other side of death's curtain, has decided to remain in the world of the living. We must bear in mind that after leaving the physical body, the soul goes into a world whose chief component are emotions, passions, and desires. That's why, from the emotional point of view, great changes take place, which are most often not noticed by the soul itself. Such a spirit ceases to be capable of controlling the level of its emotions. It becomes the emotion. If at a given moment something causes them to be frightened, it will then become the fear. If something causes it to be upset, then they become the fury. It cannot control the level of the anxiety or unease coursing through it. It simply becomes that emotion. This explains why the presence of a frightened ghost in a person's body provokes such powerful emotional states and anxiety attacks. It also clarifies where such powerful doses of negative emotions—anger, fury, and hatred—come from. The ghosts become these emotions and are unable to modify this intensity. Most often a ghost will habitually fear a specific dependency and will be drawn to those living people who exhibit these same emotions.

This causes a very serious problem for many people. They find themselves torn by these emotions, which they find very difficult to control. Hence, the reactions of people who are possessed are completely inappropriate in any given situation. For example, someone spills a drop of coffee on me, and I react as if my life were in danger. I shout, I rage excessively, I may even become aggressive. Later, when I am told about it (because often I don't remember the outburst) I feel ashamed and ask myself why I overreacted in such a manner. Similar things happen in the case of not only anxiety attacks, but also prolonged anxieties. We are possessed by a ghost who is notoriously afraid of something, e.g. developing some kind disease. So when we experience a minor, temporary health problem like a common cold, it festers and grows into a life-and-death problem. It seems to us that our health will ultimately deteriorate and that in the best-case scenario we will end up in hospital, and in the worst case, in a funeral parlor.

We must remember that it is our own self who creates our reality through our thoughts and our emotions. If, over a long period, we inflate a certain thought, then we can be absolutely certain that the very thing we are thinking will materialize. What consequences will this have for the person who is possessed by a ghost that fears for its own health? That he or she might soon be stricken with something not very serious, then with something more serious, and so on and so on. The same process works in the case of other anxieties — financial, relationships, completing a project, passing an exam, receiving a pay rise, etc. The consequences can be tragic. But knowledge and awareness of the fact that ghosts exist can protect us from a spirit’s influence in our lives.

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