Spiritual Leadership

The humanity as whole has entered into a new age - the Aquarius. At that moment the awakening process for the planet Earth and us human beings has begun which takes place every 25 600 years. Additionally an other big cycle ended, which has begun over 200 000 years ego.

The time of awakening is the most beautiful and promising period in the history of men. More and more people perceive their spiritual origins. That process has begun back in the 20-th Century. That is the reason why many people are not satisfied with what they were until now. Suddenly they started to look for ways to spiritual growth, to discover the world anew, have perceived new opportunities to grow. Some of them have gone the blindfold way; others have looked for teachers. Spiritual leadership was however lacking.

Both groups had encountered many pitfalls on their way of which they have been unaware, only a few had information about them. A large amount of the adepts are still unaware of the fact that in order to reach higher realms it is necessary to take the road thorough the astral world, which attracts, tempts and chains many of them. The lack of knowledge about the lower astral world is the reason why that many seeking, spiritually growing adepts get stuck here. Such a situation may last until the end of the present incarnation but it does very often take many incarnations to escape the astral pitfalls. That is still in most cases possible only thorough wise advice of someone who knows the astral world well.

On every stage of spiritual growth there are many traps lurking for the adept. It is easy to avoid them when we have a precise map of the terrain with exact locations that have to be widely gone around. 

The adepts very often think in error that such problems are easily avoided by having a teacher (often we ourselves are such a teacher) who would guide them out of / thorough the danger zone. Unfortunately many of those who achieved significant success in going the path of spiritual growth can not advise them properly. Although they have skillfully avoided the traps they did not go consciously thorough this process and can therefore be no guides for others. Other teacher do not know about the threads so they are actually enslaved by the astral chains and need help themselves.

In the recent time the entire earth population is facing a growing problem, which is rooted in the astral world. I am talking about the following dynamics - a great percentage of souls of people who died has not resolved to pass to higher octaves of subtle energies (of the Light). They are staying close to the world of the living in the so called lower astral world in a place governed by heavy emotional energies such as fear, anger, rage, envy, jealousy and a wide spectrum of other emotions that are all rooting in the vibration of fear.

That situation is a thread for all of us - all beings inhabiting our planet. From this danger are not free people who are interested or even deeply involved in their spiritual growth process. They are in a sense even more vulnerable to this thread. This is because of the fact that this group of people is trying to go beyond their physical existence in order to reach higher realms and is often being influenced by the inhabitants of the next higher vibration - the astral world.

These encounters often take place during meditation, prayer or work with subtle energies, which if not properly identified can lead to serious consequences not only for the spiritual growth process but also for the daily life in your physical body. The beings inhabiting the lower astral world (I call them ghosts) can be the reason for bipolar behavior, states of intense negative emotions, states of anxiety and fear. Moreover - the illnesses of the ghosts experienced during their lifetimes on earth are carried over to the person whom they are influencing. The consciousness of these facts can be therefore only beneficial to the spiritual seeker and not only significantly accelerate his / her spiritual growth process but can also make the daily physical life much better. 

Spiritual leadership is certainly very much necessary but spiritual leadership must come from the inside, from our heart. That is the best teacher we can find and that is the place where our Inner Master resides. 

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