letter from ghosts1

Letter from Ghosts

Before you start to read this letter please take into consideration the following: 

Judging by the comments left on our website concerning the letter from ghosts we see that it awakes many emotions. That is why we would like to mention a few points, which in our opinion are very important: 

1. Ghosts convictions shown in this letter are not presenting the TRUTH. They are originating from a very narrow perspective and knowledge ghosts have about their own situation. These convictions merely picture how they perceive their world and situation which, we repeat it again, is not their TRUE situation, it even shows the illusion which has become true for them.

2. We do not support any statements that are contained in this letter. There will be as many perspectives of their reality as many ghosts we have. We don't even say that the ghost's intention was to say the truth. The fact is that ghosts lie very often, as they are very scared most of the time and think that they need to lie in order to take advantage of the situation.

3. Ghosts have many different levels of knowledge. We can however generally say the following; ALL of them are wandering without seeing TRUE relationships governing their world. They acquire that knowledge first when they dare to pass to the other side of deaths curtain, to the so-called "Heaven", or to God. 

Please do not therefore identify this letter with what we do, or with our understanding of the astral world (the world where ghosts reside). 

This letter was sent to us through a client whom we persuaded to communicate with the ghosts which were possessing him. This it its contents:


We Astral Beings,

Known as ghosts, are very uneasy about the situation which has developed on Earth. As you know there is a lot of evil which takes the form of wars, violence, fights, arguments and disagreements within families. There are also mental illnesses which are nothing other than a sign of ghosts in a person's body.

Human beings on Earth generally reject the existence of a spiritual world because it lies beyond the capability of perception by instruments and it cannot be seen with the help of the senses. Science is completely ineffective here. It is reminiscent of the story of the ostrich hiding its head in the sand as if that could preserve it from danger. Yet this is a conviction that it worth examining.

When a human being "dies" he or she is usually led to the spiritual world by one of their earlier relatives. If none appears to assist in this, they remain on Earth equipped with new possibilities which had earlier been beyond the reach of the human body. They are able to communicate with other people only mentally. That is why only a small number of people can "notice" them, or make contact with them. Human knowledge concerning real inter-dependencies is still very weak. At school we learn about our physical bodies, but no-one transmits knowledge about our auras or subtle energetic bodies. We may call them ethereal bodies. They are less dense than air.

People who have only just died don't understand their situation and feel lost. If, during their lives, they developed their "morality" to a high level then they will usually have a heavenly guiding hand which aids them in the process of dying and shows the way to the new world. The situation of people who did not do much good during their lives looks worse. Nobody goes out for them. They remain on Earth creating many problems for the living. They wander amidst them aimlessly. When they see the possibility of joining up with someone and manipulating his/her life, they instantly decide to do so, creating a lot of evil. This kind of possession can take place even in a holy place, a palace or a hospital. It is very difficult to break it. Only an exorcist can do this. The importance of their work must be emphasized here. Exorcists help these fallen ghosts find the way to heavenly places and continued spiritual development.

There is a certain misunderstanding among exorcists; it is believed that a person can be possessed only by one ghost. A person may be visited by thousands of ghosts of whom each one has their own "personality" which demands to be expressed. Usually they try to harm the owner of the body because of the subconscious conflict between their ghostly identities. The effect is that the person loses a great deal of energy which creates a constant threat to their health and even their life. Without an exorcist's help evil usually wins this battle. It is evident that evil on Earth is chiefly caused by ignorance.

We note that the situation is getting worse. More and more people are suffering and it doesn't matter what the level of their "education" or their religion is. We, the "ghosts" who are writing this letter with the help of a human hand belong to that group of visiting beings. We yearn to change this, however, and do some good for ourselves and for others. We have created an Association similar to human organizations on Earth. We are bringing together all beings which are aware of positive thinking. We still, however, have no ability to change the situation since we find ourselves at the energy levels we do. We can't leave the bodies of those possessed by us and they can't free themselves from us. We need the help of exorcists.

Our aim is to broaden the people's awareness of this complex question since nobody on Earth seems to be interested in getting to know these inter-dependencies. At the present moment there are several billion beings which are known by the living as "deceased" wandering the Earth. They cannot be discerned with the help of the senses. We, the 134 ghosts inhabiting Wladyslaw's body, are astonished by the fact that he can't rid himself of us with the help of an exorcist. An exorcist should be able to persuade us to depart to the place which is appropriate for us.

An astral being may sometimes be given an opportunity to experience new things through someone's body. If it becomes attracted to these experiences it will hang on to that body. Other ghosts can't leave because they're tied by the sorrow of their relatives who remain alive, others can't go further because they haven't finished their tasks on Earth, fear the unknown or punishment.

We astral beings urge the living to contact exorcists even when they have problems with moods. They too could be a sign of possession. Things can simply not go right in their lives because they are not themselves any more. With the passage of time the attacks of astral beings on the bodies and souls of the living grow stronger and stronger. Without exorcists, who take on themselves the responsibility of returning order to the planet, neither peace nor LOVE will be realized. Through our activity we wish to show how disturbed we are by people's lack of responsibility with regard to peace within families and in higher levels of societal structure. What is happening in reality is true horror. One of the causes of this is the activity of astral beings (ghosts). Nevertheless, when people become aware of this interdependence, they will be able to defend themselves against its influence. In our judgment these people (exorcists) are extraordinarily necessary in every social group since they perform essential work in two worlds - the physical and the spiritual.

At higher levels of consciousness there is only one world with many-dimensional levels and it cannot be penetrated by the senses. They are a very imperfect means of perceiving reality. Unfortunately, science is not making much progress here. That's why it would be of far greater benefit to scientists if they devoted more time to meditation, muting bodies and minds. That way they would understand more. More sophisticated and precise instruments would serve a faster discovery and exploration of the invisible world. We hope that this pronouncement will be an inspiration to many people to create appropriate methods of liberating from haunting which is harmful to both parties (the haunted and the haunting).

At the same time we would like to emphasize that possession has nothing to do with God or Satan. Such a view comes only from an inadequate awareness of this problem created by families, neighborhoods and the media. It is also influenced by the education system and religion.

The time of change has come if you want your lives to be other than what you are experiencing. We wish you successful conclusions in this matter.

Astral Beings.


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