The Toxicity of Gossip

The Toxicity of Gossip

Today’s topic is one we’re all too familiar with: gossip. We’ll consider exactly why it’s so fascinating, what effect it actually has on us, and above all: how to unlearn gossiping.


What draws us to gossip?


What draws us to gossip


Everything we say and every choice we make should be constantly analyzed as to where it sits on the scale of love versus ego. If our words and actions do come from love, they will benefit us and everybody else. Conversely, speech and acts that come from ego will only ever do harm: primarily to ourselves and possibly to others, if they too have a lesson to learn. Though many believe they talk badly about others from a place of caring, obviously gossip only comes from a place of ego.

So why then is gossip so universally fascinating, and even addictive? Look at yourself when you start gossiping, and pay attention to what benefits you think you’re trying to get from it. What you may consider benefits are actually just illusions, subconsciously designed to inflate your own ego. Most often, people give and receive gossip to feel better about themselves. Sadly it’s all too common that by judging, making fun of, or humiliating others, we try to feel relief that at least our life isn't that bad, since we’re so much smarter, skinnier, prettier, and wealthier than the one being mocked behind their back. But this false and petty means of self-soothing only has negative effects. A person who gossips usually struggles with very low self-esteem, or with issues of jealousy, anger, or fear.


The impact of gossip on karma and energy


Still others use gossip as a means of entertainment, or as a way to let off steam. Unfortunately, the bitterness they send out will soon come back to them, and most often with a redoubled force that hits back even harder. Words have tremendous power. Spoken aloud, they’ll reinforce the negative trend of a situation exponentially. You won’t improve any situation by gossiping about it. Only speaking with forgiveness and compassion ever will.

So the next time you find yourself with someone who’s gossiping, think about whether you really want all the garbage that’s about to be served up to you - and about whether you want it to double back and serve itself up to you again later. If you love and care about yourself then it’s easy to opt out of those conversations. You have every right to excuse yourself whenever gossip comes up: even dashing off to the restroom is better than enabling a bad conversation.


How does gossip influence children and society?


A lot of people are so conditioned to gossip as a social lubricant that they’re not even capable of talking about anything other than berating mockery of other people's lives. They even gossip in front of their children, oblivious to their horrible example that toxic judgement and humiliation of others is ever appropriate behavior. No wonder so many kids become bullies, or allow their peers to bully others due to an utter lack of any sense of compassion.

Though we’ve already looked at how gossiping negatively impacts you and everybody else, there’s a crucial piece you need to know. What you focus your attention on is what you will attract. If you talk about a colleague who’s just been cheated on by their spouse, you will draw the same experience - or worse - into your own life. That’s why seeing evil, hearing evil, or speaking evil will draw exactly that, right into your own life. So always refocus your attention as needed, onto positivity or love. Always focus on the good in every situation. Even if it means you have to go and find a restroom, just to avoid folks “speaking evil.”

How then, to unlearn gossiping ourselves? When the nearly instinctive urge comes up to engage in complaints or trash talk, remember to simply “shut up” as it were, and look for your own negative emotions subconsciously demanding healing. Of course, this exercise is only for the brave and joyful, who aim to shed negativity and ascend vibrationally, ever higher. Know that you are already brave, and that you’re already cleansing, and in process of raising your vibration: proof being, that you’re here now, reading this blog.


A practical tip to avoid gossip


A practical tip to avoid gossip


Here's another cool tip. The moment you want to start gossiping, or listening to somebody else’s, that’s when you change the subject to your own failures, foibles, or whatever you’re ashamed of and have been meaning to hide. You’ll soon notice you’re not very comfortable during that conversation. So through the lens of the classic “do unto others” idea: if you don't enjoy publicly discussing your most embarrassing faults, you should feel even worse when you humiliate another person and deliberately send negative energy their way. Shifting the topic to your own “teachable moments” is a great way to neutralize toxic social interactions.

Once you profoundly understand we’re all connected and are all One, you will never again even be able to actually gossip! Your higher vibration and awareness level will no longer need to deride others by ultimately only harming yourself. You’ll also realize that gossiping is no longer fulfilling or meaningful in any way. Until then, we judge others through the filter of our own experiences, beliefs, and desires - even though most of the time, they have nothing to do with anybody else. Add to that, we never truly know what any given person is up against in their own lives, nor what karma they’re needing to work through. So, any projections of our own ego piling onto their similarly fragile situation is not only a waste of time and energy but most importantly, just an unkind thing to do. Hopefully your vibration’s already rising just by refreshing your relationship to gossip, which will only continue as we become more consciously focused on our loving, increased awareness of All-Oneness.



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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