Book Excerpts

Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book
"Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" 

For many years I really wanted to read a good book about exorcisms, but I never found one. Unfortunately, till now nobody had written one. So I had to do it myself. In it there are answers to questions asked every day by my patients, but also answers to questions I asked myself.

In it, I address those who have tried everything, every method, every remedy to ease their problems or those of their near ones. Unfortunately, none of them worked or if they did work they did so for only a short time. I wrote it also for those who are only at the beginning, they sense that something bad is happening to them or their families, or that not everything is as it should be. I wrote it for those who are healthy and happy, too, those who have nothing wrong with them or their nearest. They are the very ones who could help in many tragedies which are taking place inside their neighbors' homes, or to an unhappy family nearby, or to some hooligan or drug addict in the street where they live. Sometimes one can help simply with a piece of advice about what can be done in a given situation or with the information that something can be done at all.

Usually, the fact is that the person who is possessed is unaware of his or her state. By helping such a person we are really helping ourselves since we no longer hear the fights the other side of the wall, or our neighborhood becomes quieter. In extreme cases we may even prevent a suicide, a rape or even worse. It affects, therefore, not just the individual but most often all of us.

What is a frequent cause of a variety of diseases, misfortunes, greater or smaller failures? How can one deal with it, protect oneself from it in the future? That's what my book is about. It is also an answer to the endless questions posed by the people who turn to me for help. They often think that the thing that's happened to them is unique, that they are exceptional. They wonder why it is that they suffer so much. They think maybe they did something evil sometime and that they are now being punished. Or that maybe it's the consequence of some curse, spell or black magic.






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