How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Most of our American friends, customers, and staff will soon sit down to a festive table to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. World events of the last few years have been incredibly difficult for so many people, and it's almost as if folks are being forced from every direction into living in constant fear. Fear for our health (Covid), fear for our finances (inflation), fear of military and even nuclear conflicts (war in Ukraine, and possibly Taiwan). All of these situations and factors can easily and steadily give us huge amounts of anger, fear, grief, and et cetera. So this year, more than ever before, may Thanksgiving Day offer us the wonderful reminder of the need to live within a mentality of gratitude. Let’s take a look at the seasonal and daily ways that gratitude inevitably leads to overcoming anxiety, and is also the foundation for receiving more and more blessings as time goes on.


The importance of gratitude during tough times


The importance of gratitude during tough times


How many of us remember to practice gratitude? Not that many. How many of us remember to practice gratitude when life gives us a hard time? Almost none of us. It's so much easier to be thankful when we're on a great vacation, or just received an unexpected gift. It's a lot harder to feel thankful when we find out we have a serious illness, or just got fired from our job. Yet regardless of our circumstances, we should always, and that’s absolutely always, practice strong feelings of gratitude. Why gratitude? When we’re grateful, our vibrational current changes. At this point, we begin to invite more and more goodness into our lives, because we attract into our lives what our thoughts are focused upon.


Negative impacts of a gratitude deficit

This also works in the opposite direction. If you’re mostly feeling ungrateful: say, always complaining or feeling sorry for yourself that you don't have something, or that what you do have doesn't work: you literally force the universe to give you more and more of what your thoughts are focused on, even when it’s what you don't want, or don’t have. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

In order to understand this well, let’s consider the following example. Let's say you constantly complain about your boss while you’re at work. The more you focus on how cruel he is, the more he’ll treat you badly. Suddenly he kicks you out of your job, and then you have no money to pay the bills, and soon you might even lose your home. Do you see the connection to the wisdom in the words "from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away?" Of course, it's not only about the material things we may lack; it's primarily about our mental and emotional attitude, that only later manifests into our physical world. If we constantly maintain a mentality of "lack," then we’ll only manifest lack in the physical world! For this reason, we should practice the constant control of our thoughts about lack, and about abundance.


Embracing daily gratitude practices

And so we return to the subject of gratitude. Regular practice of thoughts and feelings of gratitude cause more and more goodness to flow into our lives. Ever heard the expression, that “Like attracts like”? We can always find reason to be thankful. Even someone who owns absolutely nothing can find reasons for gratitude: like the facts that we’re alive, and healthy; that a ray of sunshine warms our face and our heart, that there’s fresh air we can breathe, and the smile of a stranger we pass on the street. Practicing gratitude includes keeping our eyes open for the endless stream of abundance and goodness modern life has lost sight of.


Oprah Winfrey's journey with gratitude


Oprah Winfrey, undoubtedly one of the most successful and wealthy women of our time, was born into extreme poverty, abandoned by her parents, and raped by an uncle in her childhood. When interviewed about her horribly painful upbringing, Oprah constantly emphasizes how huge a role gratitude has in her daily life. For decades she has kept a diary, in which she writes five things for which she’s grateful every day. Oprah knows very well that the more she approaches her life with gratitude, the more goodness comes into her life.

People whom we’ve helped free themselves from spirits often ask us how to stay free of the spirits. One of the best pieces of advice we give is to simply practice gratitude! Even a little prayer, or saying something like: “Thank you (God, Universe, Higher Power), for the fact that I’m free from spirits.” An approach like this will only solidify your state of staying free from astral entities.


Experiencing the energy shift of gratitude


If you want to see how strong the energy of gratitude is, I suggest you take a break, relax, and just start thinking about all the things you’re grateful for. After only a minute of listing them one by one, you’ll notice how nicely your energy changes. You'll feel your heart opening up, and suddenly you'll start entering another level of awareness that’s much lighter, and so much more beautiful. I especially recommend that you practice this technique when things are not going your way, or you’re overwhelmed, or unhappy. For example, say you have an appointment with a friend who’s running an hour late. Instead of getting upset and yelling at her when she finally shows up, and ruining your meeting, instead focus on what you can be thankful for at that moment. Maybe it’s that you finally got a chance to spend some time alone, or to answer some neglected emails. This way, not only are you happier all the way around, but also the moment your friend finally shows up you’re not cranky or rude, but instead ready to enjoy your time together.

As I write this, I am grateful for so many things: for our readers, who are visionary and brave enough to explore the sensitive subject of spirit possession; for the hot tea that sits next to my laptop; and for one of my favorite Christmas songs that always reminds me to focus on gratitude: "When I’m worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep; and I fall asleep counting my blessings." Have an Abundant and Happy Thanksgiving!


About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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