Embracing Inner Growth

The Path of Mindfulness: Embracing Inner Growth


Entering the path of mindfulness allows us to perceive the multitude of life situations that compel us to consciously work through our internal negative programming, which we have absorbed from our surroundings since an early age. Many people initially view this journey as a path of suffering, causing concern about our experiences. However, over time, we come to realize the profound significance of these lessons. They have enabled us to heal essential aspects of our lives.


Shaping Our Own Path: Embracing Power and Healing

In truth, we hold the power to shape our own path of spiritual development. We can choose to internalize everything and become consumed with worry, thus augmenting our karmic suffering with additional self-generated pain. It is crucial to recognize that you are the sole authority over these emotions, deciding whether to attribute negative meanings stemming from the ego to the emotions that arise within you.

As we step onto the path of awakening, those around us may witness significant transformations. However, they often lack an accurate understanding of our current experiences. These situations can be challenging as they touch upon deeply rooted patterns buried within our subconscious mind. Therefore, it might come as a surprise to some that individuals who embrace mindfulness, open themselves to unconditional love, compassion, and understanding, may find themselves in emotionally turbulent states that require healing. They may even exhibit negative emotions that seem incongruent with the path of enlightenment they are walking.


The Freedom to Feel

It is important to remember that every person, regardless of their stage of spiritual development, has the right to experience their emotions in a way they deem appropriate. However, as one awakens, they naturally gain some distance from their feelings. They increasingly develop a sense that, despite intense emotions, they are transcending them. They also comprehend that many of the negative emotions that arise do not define their true selves; rather, they stem from the ego's relentless desire to disturb the elevation of one's vibration. With growing gratitude, they begin to see the lessons bestowed upon them as opportunities to liberate themselves from unfavorable subconscious patterns. They recognize the inner causes that give rise to negative patterns in the physical world and analyze the messages embedded within. Despite their negative emotional state, they perceive the external world as a reflection of their inner self, providing themes for inner work.


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Unlocking the Release: A Gradual Process of Emotional Healing and Self-Mastery

It is not surprising that the release of subconscious emotions during the awakening process profoundly affects individuals. Importantly, it is crucial to remember that one can always regain control over these emotions. The release of subconscious negative emotions is a gradual and ongoing process. It requires conscious effort to maintain mastery over one's emotional and mental state. When we excessively identify with these emotions, it becomes challenging to understand their underlying causes, as our focus becomes fixated on our own suffering, blaming others, and ourselves.


Finding Balance: Consciously Observing Energy Flow Amidst Life's Challenges

Balance is essential in all aspects of life, and it is vital to allow ourselves to consciously observe the flow of energy that passes through us, even when it may appear predominantly negative. Allowing such a flow is key to ascending higher. It is best not to be too harsh on oneself and avoid setting expectations. Instead, it is beneficial to pause and contemplate the lessons a particular situation, whether positive or negative, holds for us in the external world.

By directing our attention to our thoughts and emotions, we can engage in self-healing with greater joy. Individuals with heightened consciousness, despite the challenges they may face in a given moment, express deep gratitude for these experiences. They understand that healing will bring them closer to the Divine. Even if they must sacrifice, lose, or change something, they hold the certainty that releasing what no longer serves them will enable them to continue their journey towards ultimate bliss.



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