How Negative Habits Lead To Spirit Possession

How Negative Habits Lead To Spirit Possession

Spirits can be easily attracted by our own negative habits. Spirits who did not cross to the other side remain close to living persons’ energy. Unfortunately, such spirits harbor the most negative emotions such as fear and its derivatives, i.e., anger, rage, desire for revenge, self-pity and much more.


How Do Our Negative Habits Attract Spirits?


How Do Our Negative Habits Attract Spirits


Our negative habits, such as indulging in negative emotions, taking in too much food for pleasure or devoting ourselves to computer games without restraint, will eventually lead to suffering, like anything negative. The universe wants us to be masters of our own habits. We are supposed to be able to create habits on cue, ones that support us, and remove those that do not serve us well. If we do not control our behavior, a negative habit will turn into an addiction, and going forward it is only a small step to subsequently be possessed by spirits.


How Do Spirits Perceive Humans and Influence Them?

The spirit who did not go to the Light, perceives everything through the lens of its own most negative qualities. For example, if it experiences anger, then the spirit will outwardly see only this trait and will fear being attacked or accused, it will also constantly attack others. For spirit, life has lost all good qualities. Everything is bad, the world is bad, people are bad. Of course, this is not based on actual facts, but only on an erroneous, very narrow perception of reality. However, for the spirit it is a subjective truth, as it is unable to put away its negative blinkers. If spirit approaches a living family member, for example, even someone who is most kind and helpful, it will see only bad qualities in them, though they may possess very few such qualities. This explains why spirits’ influence on living people causes such great suffering.


The Dangers of Cultivating Negative Habits


The Dangers of Cultivating Negative Habits


Cultivating negative habits means maintaining evil in our lives, something that must by definition bring us suffering. Hence, we have to be extremely attentive to this area. Whatever we do, we must realize what can potentially happen if we take a particular trait to the maximum. If our habit is smoking cigarettes, we will quickly realize that the poisonous substances in cigarettes will eventually ruin our health. The same principle can be applied to any negative habit. For example, if we habitually respond to the negative emotions of others with a desire to initiate an argument, this will lead to an escalation of these negative emotions.


How Habit Formation Contributes to Spirit Possession

At the beginning of the habit formation process, we have complete control over it. The first time we smoke a cigarette we feel sick, we want to vomit, we feel a terrible taste in our mouth. Then giving up smoking is quite easy. When our body gets used to nicotine it becomes much more difficult. The force of habit will compel us to act accordingly--to light a cigarette or drink alcohol.


The Role of Negative Traits in Attracting Spirits

This is where spirits with extremely negative traits come into the picture. The negative trait is like a magnet attracting the spirit to the identical trait of the human being. So, if a person has a great deal of jealousy, for example, a spirit who is full of jealousy will be able to easily get close to them. The individual will then feel a much more intense jealousy than their own emotion.

The spirit resides in the negative energies created by humanity over countless centuries of human evolution. Every time anyone on earth feels jealousy, this emotion is deposited in the collective emotional world of humanity. These energies are therefore extremely powerful, as anyone can imagine. We now have almost eight billion people in the world. Let us think about how many times a day someone out of these eight billion gets jealous....

So, the spirit comes with a great force of negative emotion, and this begins to affect us. In the beginning, when there is a great distance between the spirit and living people, we feel this negative energy less, and then increasingly. At first, the person assumes that it is their own emotion of jealousy that has intensified. However, it has been intensified by the presence of a jealous spirit. It is very difficult for us to recognize what leads to the continuous increase in jealousy if we do not know the mechanisms of the emotional world.


How to Deal with Amplified Negative Emotions from Spirits?

A person subjected to the emotion of the spirit will, of course, try to keep this emotion in check as soon as they see how negative it is, but it is impossible to do this forever. Every time a spirit approaches, this emotion builds up and will have to discharge eventually, no matter whether it is jealousy, anger, hatred, despair, or sadness.

The attentive reader will surely have noticed that at the beginning of this entire process there was a habit that they could have either indulged in, or which they could have easily controlled. I hope this will persuade you to think very conscientiously about choosing your own thoughts and habits.





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