The Crucial Role of Forgiveness in Overcoming Spirit Possession 1

The Crucial Role of Forgiveness in Overcoming Spirit Possession



Forgiveness plays a crucial role in maintaining our psychological health and in overcoming spirit possession aka spirit attachment. When we carry resentment, bitterness, or blame towards others or ourselves, our mental well-being is disturbed. Forgiveness involves removing negative elements from our own energetic body, which contribute to destructive experiences.


The Dual Nature of Guilt and Punishment

Forgiveness is essential whenever we accuse others or ourselves, hold grudges, or enter the energy of blame and resentment. The feelings of guilt and the desire for punishment are two sides of the same coin. Guilt always calls for punishment and attracts it towards oneself. Therefore, holding onto grudges against oneself or others is nothing but a desire for punishment for that person.


Karma: The Mechanism of Perfect Justice

In all this, we forget that as individuals, we are not the entity responsible for matters of justice. The Universe or God serves as that entity. From that perspective, justice already exists, regardless of what happens. The mechanism that ensures perfect justice is karma. It determines the consequences of all human actions. Every action, whether good or bad, will have its consequences. Good deeds result in goodness, while negative actions lead to suffering.




It's important to note that this is not about punishment. A person who acts against the principles of the Universe is not punished. Such a concept is unknown to the Universe. The person simply receives, with perfect precision, what they give or how they treat others or themselves. If we are unkind, pervasive unkindness will surround us. Even genuinely kind people will treat us with distance, which can easily be perceived as unkindness.


The Developer's Dilemma: Temptation, Guilt, and Sabotage

This holds true for simple, everyday matters. However, in life, we sometimes perform acts of exceptional goodness or extreme evil. Let's assume a developer has an opportunity to acquire a plot of land at a low price, but it requires dishonesty. Deception is not in line with his character, but the stakes are so high that he succumbs to the "temptation" and acts against himself. Such an action will eventually have its consequences. However, the developer's bigger problem lies in the fact that he blames himself for his actions. He will feel guilt, and as we mentioned earlier, any blame attracts punishment. Unconsciously, he will sabotage things in his daily life because he previously wished for punishment.

In cases of severe offenses, such as murder, the consequences of such acts might not return to the murderer in the same incarnation. Instead, they may manifest in a future, perhaps distant, life. Nonetheless, the consequences will undoubtedly come because the Laws of the Universe operate with utmost precision.


The Crucial Role of Forgiveness in Overcoming Spirit Possession

Returning to the topic of spirit possession and forgiveness, we must remember that if we hold any form of accusation within ourselves, it is rooted in negative thoughts and emotions. If you have been following the posts on our SPIRIT ATTACHMENT blog, you know that spirits are attracted to negative emotions. In such a situation, our developer might constantly struggle with the "horror" of his actions (often without consciously realizing it), which will attract a spirit with the exact same sense of guilt. Who knows, maybe even a developer who committed a very similar act during their physical life. Along with the spirit, the person will experience various negative symptoms of spirit possession, as described here. When a spirit is present, we need a spirit removal process; we cannot free ourselves from spirit possession on our own. The key is to live consciously in a way that prevents the attraction of spirits and avoids the problem of spirit possession altogether.


If we want to walk through life on a clear path, we must be constantly aware of our thoughts and emotions. People who have gone through spirit possession know the immense suffering it entails. Most of them will do anything to avoid experiencing it again. They have a strong motivation to constantly observe their emotions and thoughts because only then can they recognize the magnet in their psyche that attracts spirits and suffering. When that happens, the only solution is to forgive oneself and others, no matter what. By forgiving others, we do not condone their wrongful behavior; instead, we release both that person and ourselves from the burden of that act. We do it for ourselves, not for others. You can find more about forgiveness by reading the blog post: How Do You Forgive Even When It Feel Impossible.



About the Author:

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.





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